Which expenses are excluded from the receipt lottery

Which expenses are excluded from the receipt lottery

From pharmacy to veterinarian, from tobacco to postal services: these are the purchases that do not generate useful tickets for the extractions

Shopping receipt Photo by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay The receipt lottery system will have to manage 100 million documents commercial per day, according to official estimates, but not all types of expenditure will be valid for the purposes of periodic prize draws. Participation in the free state cash prize competition, led by Sogei, the Revenue Agency together with Customs and Monopolies, is valid for purchases of goods or services in shops or supermarkets, but excludes many others, which the Revenue Agency has listed .

To begin with, all purchases made online and those in the exercise of a business, art or profession are excluded. At the moment, purchases with electronic invoices where the customer communicates the tax code, those that benefit from a tax deduction and in any case all those in which the buyer communicates the tax code are not valid. This is the case, for example, of expenses in pharmacies, opticians, analytical laboratories, veterinarians. "In fact, the merchant cannot register, for the same commercial document, both the tax code and the lottery code of the customer", explains the agency. The reason is the need to preserve the confidentiality of the customer's personal data, which is why the lottery code was born. However, if the customer of a pharmacy buys only a non-health product, he will be able to participate in the State raffle, without using the tax code.

A series of purchases also does not provide for tax certification and the sending of payments by the merchant. This is the case with cinema, theater and museum tickets. The amount spent by the gas station is also excluded, but other types of purchases have also been exempted: at tobacconists, newsstands, car parks, school canteens and universities, printing services, delivery and duplicate driving licenses, the sale of agricultural products that apply the regime special.

It is not possible to consider for the receipt lottery even the expenses incurred for securities custody and administration services by credit institutions; telecommunication, television broadcasting and electronics to private consumers; those for postal shipments.

It is worth remembering that the only payment method allowed to participate in the receipt lottery is electronic (credit cards, debit cards, apps). Gift cards are excluded (but the purchase of a gift card is admitted to the contest), restaurant tickets and mixed modalities.

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