VPN China: the best Chinese VPNs

VPN China: the best Chinese VPNs
Facing a trip to China for work, necessity or pleasure, all travelers will run into an unpleasant surprise, once they arrive in the eastern nation: it is not possible to access most of the Internet sites that can be used in Italy. The strict local policy prevents Chinese and foreign travelers in the area from accessing common services in Italy such as Netflix, YouTube, Google, Gmail, Facebook and others, effectively cutting every European tourist "out of this world" as long as they reside in within the territory of the People's Republic of China. Fortunately, the restrictions imposed can be bypassed with an effective and secure Chinese VPN even inside the borders of China.

In the following chapters you can find out why you need to use a Chinese VPN to browse without limits and restrictions and how to avoid VPN services that, although cheaper or faster, may not work properly once you arrive in China.

Why use a VPN in China

As anticipated in the introduction of the guide it is necessary to use a VPN in China to be able to access all the sites that a Western user is used to using at home. This form of protection is necessary since the People's Republic of China applies a high level of censorship to all content available on the Internet through the use of a powerful national firewall, capable of filtering every connection entering and leaving the country and blocking websites, connections to P2P services and streaming services.

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