Try it, Hyundai i20: fun and technological, the modern subcompact!

Try it, Hyundai i20: fun and technological, the modern subcompact!
The evolution of a car brand is closely linked to the new models produced. Few, in recent years, have experienced a parable like Hyundai: today the vehicles of the Korean giant are a solid and highly valuable reality, equipped with cutting-edge technological solutions and often precursors of solutions for mobility that is increasingly attentive to vehicle control. emissions. An example of Hyundai's change of pace, it could be the new i20.

A strategic and very important model which, thanks to a proposal of new and bold style and an integration of technological contents from a higher segment, is proposed as one of the most complete and interesting products. The new Hyundai i20 under construction ConnectLine equipped with a 1.0-liter turbo three-cylinder petrol engine and manual gearbox is in the price list for 19,150 euros.

The feature that more than any other makes the new i20 recognizable is the design of the lights rear: they develop from the sides of the car, continue on a “Z” shape and join along a luminous belt that crosses the entire tailgate. A detail that gives it great personality and presence on the road, especially compared to the rest of the offer in the same segment. The front area is more angular and muscular, with clear lines that give an intense and captivating look.

The interiors confirm the leap in quality: the upholstery and the plastics are well made, the habitability is good and overall you live in a pleasant and ergonomic environment. The ConnectLine version is equipped with an on-board entertainment system with an 8.3 "screen (but it can go up to 10.3"). Simple and intuitive, it has good responsiveness to the touch, captivating graphics and above all wireless compatibility with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, an unprecedented among the small cars.

The choice to keep the physical buttons for air conditioning control and regulation is always shared. A fundamental solution to prevent the driver from being distracted from the driving phases. The dashboard is also fully digital, on a 10.3 ″ screen: it is not particularly customizable, only the color and graphics of the instrument panel change depending on the driving mode selected. The ADAS equipment is very complete and allows the i20 to guarantee a particularly high level of active and passive safety.

The mechanical structure has been designed from scratch. The most interesting novelty concerns the new manual gearbox: the left pedal of the pedals is not directly connected to the clutch, the pressure exerted activates an actuator which electrically operates the clutch. A solution that allows the electronics to open the clutch when the accelerator is released, allowing the i20 to coast without being slowed down by the engine brake, providing a little help in terms of fuel economy.

The engine range is taken from the previous generation, with some changes. Diesel engines disappear from the list and remain the petrol 1.2 liters of 84 HP and the small 1.0 liter three cylinder 100 HP, the most suitable for the car. The latter is also available with a 48 Volt mild hybrid structure: the 0.44 kWh battery recharges during braking and returns energy during soaring or when maximum power is required.

Dynamics driving is very engaging: the frame is solid and allows exceptional driveability. The set-up is another strong point: the low center of gravity and the compact dimensions translate into a driving precision in the tight mix and in the city that are truly remarkable, despite this, the suspensions are able to effectively absorb the roughness of the asphalt, almost never unloading the impact on the back of the driver and passenger. Road holding is very good and understeer phenomena are almost completely eliminated, even in conditions of poor grip.

The steering is very positive, direct and precise, and is an excellent companion to take full advantage of the dynamic qualities of Hyundai i20. A rather sophisticated dynamic structure, perhaps also designed to offer exciting road behavior for the N version, arriving in spring. The innovative six-speed manual gearbox has also been promoted, even if the lever travel is quite long and the first engagements are a bit abrupt. However, the agreement remains very good Hyundai i20 is confirmed as a product of absolute level and value in the small car segment. Technological and pleasant to drive, it is a model to be absolutely taken into consideration if you are looking for a compact and practical car to use every day, without sacrificing driving pleasure.

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