The Antitrust Authority wants to see clearly on the comparison of car liability and insurance from

The Antitrust Authority wants to see clearly on the comparison of car liability and insurance from

The Guarantor has opened an investigation procedure assuming two unfair commercial conduct. Controls carried out at the company's headquarters together with the Guardia di Finanza

Roberto Rustichelli, president of the Antitrust (source: Agcm) ended up under the Antitrust lens for alleged unfair commercial practices: the officials of the Guarantor Authority for competition and the market and the Guardia di Finanza carried out checks at the company's headquarters and at, Insurance Broker and Prima Assicurazioni. This was announced by the Authority itself, which opened an investigation procedure assuming misleading conduct in the comparison activity in the sectors of consumer credit and TPL policies, against the companies, Mediation Creditizia and Insurance broker. According to the Antitrust Authority, the companies could have implemented two distinct unfair commercial practices, violating the Consumer Code, in carrying out the comparison activity on the website.

Regarding personal loans and TPL policies, information provided to the consumer would not indicate or would do so in a misleading way, important elements for an informed choice. In the sights of the Antitrust, which intends to ascertain this first alleged deceptive conduct, the information regarding the economic conditions of the loans advertised on the comparator site, the probability of approval of any loan request, the criteria and methods of comparison and of definition of the ranking of offers compared.

Regarding TPL policies, the platform does not indicate that some products are based on the indirect compensation system, characterized by a less efficient service in the process of settling damages, explains the Authority. Furthermore, would favor Prima Assicurazioni products to the detriment of other insurance intermediaries.

The second case that the Competition and Market Guarantor wants to verify concerns potentially aggressive procedures aimed at soliciting the consumer to buy a insurance policy initially proposed as optional or to purchase specific loans at a stage in which the consumer has not yet decided which product to choose. claims to "help 1.5 million Italians" each month to “Your best choice and save” on home expenses and personal finance. The comparator portal was born in 2011 and since 2018 the company owned by is held by two investment and capital funds. With regard to the investigation, the company said: "The work of is based on total transparency and consumer protection. Our mission is to provide customers with a comparison tool that can help them save on the main family spending items; commitment that we have been carrying out for years in full compliance with current regulations and the regulations of the authorities. The company collaborates with the authorities and is sure that the investigations will soon lead to the clarification of the position of

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