Tesla Van will do, word of Elon Musk

Tesla Van will do, word of Elon Musk
During the latest conference dedicated to Tesla investors, company CEO Elon Musk once again reiterated his intention to build an electric van in the near future, confirming what was previously stated in several public interviews.

Already in 2018, Musk had hypothesized to open a negotiation with Daimler / Mercedes to make an electric version of the Sprinter, although to date there does not seem to have been any development in this regard. On the contrary, Tesla is going in a completely different direction, and competing companies such as Mercedes - which has already presented a wide range of electric vans - or Rivian have already set foot on the commercial vehicle market with concrete proposals.

At the moment, Tesla is focusing on increasing the supply of batteries for its vehicles, a stumbling block that represents the greatest difficulty in the production of electric vehicles: on more than one occasion, ultimately during the conference dedicated to the financial data of the Q4 2020, Musk focused on how difficult it is to set up new productions, especially when the supply chain is not fast enough.

"Making prototypes is simple, putting them into production is very difficult" is one of the favorite phrases of Elon Musk lately, which is repeated often and willingly just to try to explain to people the difficulties encountered when trying to make new v vehicles with less consolidated and widely used technologies such as those needed to make electric cars. Clearly these difficulties in the supply of batteries do not only concern Tesla, but afflict all the players in the electric vehicle market.

In any case, it is reasonable to expect that the largest electric car company, Tesla, will decide to enter the electric commercial vehicle market - albeit a bit behind some competitors - backed by experience gained in recent years, which will allow her to cover the secondment in a short time.

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