Tesla in autonomous driving in San Francisco, between scooters and skateboards

Tesla in autonomous driving in San Francisco, between scooters and skateboards
A year of fundamental importance is expected for the US company specializing in the production of electric cars. In fact, one of the main projects of the Tesla brand is to launch level 5 autonomous driving by the beginning of 2022. For the moment, the complete Full Self Driving is in Beta version and, apparently - thanks to a video - it is possible to take a first look at the car while driving through the streets of San Francisco in Full Self Driving mode. Inevitable to say that San Francisco is certainly one of the busiest cities in Northern California.

Well, the video shows us a "journey" that lasts just over 15 minutes and - apparently - it would seem that the vehicle of the Tesla brand has managed to overcome without any substantial problem the many obstacles it has encountered on the streets of the US metropolis. One of the main problems that cars face in San Francisco (and beyond) are, without a doubt, scooters and skateboards. This important aspect could represent the main node thanks to which Elon Musk's self-driving vehicles could make a difference.

As usually happens, automatic braking systems are able to recognize both pedestrians, mopeds and cyclists. However, it is much more difficult for these new technologies to recognize and detect the presence of skateboards and scooters as they are associated with “fast moving pedestrians”. Therefore, it would seem that the US company Tesla has managed to design an automatic landslide system that - in addition to automatically collapsing when such vehicles pass on the strips - identifies when skateboards and scooters overtake from the right or left.

Obviously, there are still many aspects that Elon Musk's company will have to fine-tune, since - still being the Beta version - the driver must still pay close attention when the vehicle is in autonomous driving mode . However, Tesla has made great strides in this area, which is why it is not impossible to achieve the goal set by the giant specialized in the production of electric vehicles.

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