Tesla, level 5 autonomous driving in 2021?

Tesla, level 5 autonomous driving in 2021?
“We will reach Level 5 autonomous driving in 2021”. With these words, Tesla's number one sets great goals for the new year, making them official during a long interview with Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Alex Springer SE, the great German information giant.

Cars and technology are two worlds that for some time now have been gradually merging, leading to the development of new and advanced devices that allow technology to take control of the vehicle, excluding the driver from the driving decisions themselves. Not surprisingly, the ways in which the vehicle knows and evaluates the surrounding environment are subjected to continuous optimization, together with other methodologies that rely heavily on increasingly sophisticated maps updated in real time; as well as others that aim at a complete autonomy of the system, through radars, sensors and similar devices.

The new year of the US car manufacturer therefore begins in the name of technological development, after Elon himself last July Musk had talked about the possibility of launching level 5 of autonomous driving by the end of 2020, to then indicate 2021 as a new date.

The car manufacturer Tesla would therefore be ever closer to introducing new technologies on its cars which may soon see the implementation of autonomous driving at level 5 of the SAE scale.

For the uninitiated, level 5 autonomous driving means a technology capable of completely exempting the driver from paying maximum attention on the road, with consequent activation of the commands necessary to continue the journey. Having said that, the technology makes it possible to fully entrust all the responsibilities related to moving the car on the road to the radar, sensors and driving system. It is therefore clear that level 5 represents, on the SAE scale, the first step of automated driving in which the driver becomes a passenger and the car is able to face any environmental condition as humans would.

However , according to Tesla's CEO, the target set for 2021 will depend on local legislative frameworks and, probably, the first green light could come from the country that is inevitably investing heavily in automated driving. In addition to this, the company's autonomous driving technologies could also be granted through detailed agreements with other manufacturers.

Approval in the US will be rather rapid, especially in some states. Other countries, like perhaps Norway, will be very quick to give the go ahead, but Europe will actually present the greatest difficulties. The process is quite demanding and our biggest approval challenges will be concentrated there. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

We can produce or lease some of our technology to companies like BMW. We are trying to be as pure as possible with respect to our goal, which is to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy. It's not about creating competitive gated gardens or anything like that - we will make our Supercharger network available to other companies. We will offer the Autopilot license. And we can potentially do something with the battery cells. We are willing to license the technology to help other companies do the right thing.

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