Tesla Model Y, which one to buy?

Tesla Model Y, which one to buy?
The highly anticipated crossover SUV of the Elon Musk brand, presented towards the end of 2019 in the United States and available from 2021 in Europe, is preparing to arrive on the market and directly challenge Ford's electrified solution, known as the Mustang Mach-E. The reservations of the future Tesla vehicle are active in numerous markets, but which version is preferable to evaluate?

Tesla Model Y is a medium-sized electric SUV with five or seven seats that inherits some stylistic elements of the main models of the brand; a clear example is represented by the soft and sinuous lines that define both the front and rear of the car. The family feeling in Model Y is decidedly marked and also shown on the grille-free nose on the sides of which the aggressively designed LED headlights stand out; a now classic aspect of the Californian brand's cars.

The new Model Y, characterized by a deep trunk with electro-actuated tailgate, measures 4.78 meters in length with a wheelbase of approximately 3 meters. There is also a more compact compartment under the front hood, known as frunk, useful for positioning charging cables and small bags.


Tesla Model Y interiors follow, in great style, the minimalist design and the arrangement of the elements introduced with Model 3. No dashboard, just a 15 ”maxi display embedded in the center console; it is a fundamental screen for viewing and monitoring all the functions and indications of the car. In addition to information on speed and range, you can manage the audio system, the air conditioning system, the settings of the driving and charging assistant, and all those ancillary services that Tesla provides.

Model Y, like almost all electrified and always connected vehicles, is able to update itself automatically by receiving the OTA updates released by the manufacturer. There is also a navigation system that calculates the chosen itinerary including the recharging network with Supercharger and indicating how long the recharge must last before continuing.

From the point of view of Tesla driving assistance devices has provided various technologies such as monitoring the driver's attention level, emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist recognition, the lane departure warning system and finally the recognition of road signs. The Autopilot system is present as standard, in the basic variant, which basically operates as an Adaptive Cruise Control. With an optional outlay of 7,500 euros it is possible to purchase the advanced version that allows access to all present and future functions in the field of autonomous driving. More in detail, Autopilot Premium is able to: automatically manage motorway junctions, change lanes on high-traffic roads, park (parallel and perpendicular) and finally automatically recover the vehicle (Summon).

It should be highlighted the presence of an automatic front heater capable, if necessary, of melting any accumulations of snow and ice from the radar necessary to take advantage of the Autopilot functions. Model Y also boasts the possibility of mapping the off-road environment, an interesting function but at the same time limited by the angles of attack of a city car, therefore able to extricate itself almost only on dirt roads.

A battery and guarantee extended

The current range consists of the Long Range and Performance versions, both equipped with a 75 kWh and 350 Volt battery pack. The warranty for the batteries is 8 years or 192,000 km, whichever occurs first, with at least 70% capacity retention beyond the contract period. The warranties naturally also include the repair or replacement necessary to correct defects in materials or workmanship of any component of the car, due to normal use.

Long Range The charging system provides for the optional installation of the Tesla Wall Connector , capable of delivering a maximum power of 22 kW and 31-44 km of autonomy per hour, depending on the maximum charging speed of your home. The use of public systems equipped with a higher output, up to 250 kW (Supercharger V3 with CCS Combo 2), provides for a drastic reduction in waiting times linked to vehicle charging.


There are two power steps envisaged by the Californian manufacturer in order to facilitate the choice of all those who wish to approach the greener car segment. The Long Range variant guarantees 440 hp with 493 Nm of maximum torque, while the Performance variant reaches 512 hp with 660 Nm of maximum torque. Both versions feature four-wheel drive all-wheel drive. While Model Y Long Range has a limited speed of 217 Km / h, the most performing model can exceed 240 Km / h of maximum peak. The differences in the shot from 0 to 100 are important: 5.1 seconds for Long Range and 3.7 seconds for Performance.


Which variant?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the range it comes in two versions for the Italian market:

Model Drive Battery Declared autonomy WLTP Power List price Long Range AWD 75 kWh 505 Km 440 HP / 493 Nm 63.000 Euro Performance AWD 75 kWh 480 Km 512 HP / 660 Nm 71,000 Euro The increase in power of the two electric motors is not the only aspect that determines the differences between the models; it should be noted that among the available fittings there are some aesthetic and functional inequalities that affect the final price of the car. A clear example is represented by the larger rims, the enhanced brakes and the aerodynamic appendages in carbon fiber: all modifications exclusive to the Performance variant.

Long Range 19 ”alloy wheels Performance 21” alloy wheels "√úberturbine, Performance brakes, carbon fiber spoiler, lowered suspension, pedal with aluminum alloy inserts In conclusion, if autonomy is the most decisive aspect in choosing the correct variant, it is advisable to evaluate the purchase of the Long version Range which, as easily understood, is the one that ensures greater mileage. If, on the other hand, you are looking for more inspiration and do not have particular spending limits, it is recommended to purchase the Performance variant with over 500 HP.

There are numerous options that can be installed and include, for example, the tow hook (1,050 euros with a towing capacity of 1,600 kg), the white interior (also from 1,050 euros) and the seven-seater configuration (3,200 euros). Also available, exclusively for Model Y Performance, is the Acceleration Boost package capable of improving the shutter speed by half a second from 0 to 100, which thus goes from 4.8 to 4.3 seconds. The update is similar to the one that can be installed on the Dual Motor variant of Model 3. Tesla Model Y can be configured directly on the official Tesla Italia website.

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