Super Cashback, here we go again: full, 148 receipts

Super Cashback, here we go again: full, 148 receipts
It happened again: 148 receipts in an hour and a half, at a service station. For what reason? Undoubtedly extend your hands on the 1,500 euros of the Super Cashback provided by the State Cashback initiative, recognized to the 100,000 citizens who at the end of June will have carried out the highest number of valid transactions through the registered payment methods.

The crafty Super Cashback: a record in the Treviso area

The case was reported in the province of Treviso, more precisely in Nervesa della Battaglia, a town with about 6,500 inhabitants. To reach a total expenditure of 50 euros, 148 were made with single amounts of a few cents. This is the testimony of those who manage the pump entrusted to the pages of Il Gazzettino (link to the original article at the end).

When I opened the dispenser at dawn I found myself with the cash register without paper and 150 receipts in an hour and a half. I could not understand.

The numbers recorded by two other clever ones in recent days have clearly exceeded, always with the aim of climbing the rankings: the one in action in Trescore Cremasco in the province of Cremona (5 transactions in 5 minutes) and that of Caraglio in the province of Cuneo (62 transactions in 55 minutes). These are not isolated cases as confirmed by the owner of the self service on Facebook.

Although questionable, such behavior does not constitute an illegal activity, therefore, despite being aware of the license plate number, the managers cannot file a complaint or contact the police: in short, the practice is not prohibited. Yet another demonstration of the need to introduce barriers to the counting of close transactions in order to assign the Super Cashback.

It is the first of the 10 proposals that we have put pen to paper in recent weeks, to improve the initiative State cashback and avoid that the abuses of a few can make the participation of the millions of citizens who in recent months are choosing to switch to digital payments in vain.

Source: Il Gazzettino

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