ShippyPro, Italy top market for online sales

ShippyPro, Italy top market for online sales
With a 54.6% year-on-year growth in e-commerce shipment volumes, Italy ended December 2020 at the top of the Amazon Prime area list, followed by Canada (+ 52%) and the United States (46.8%).

The research "2021 e-commerce Outlook", conducted by UPIDO and ShippyPro and based on data collection from January 2019 to January 2021, gives us the contours of a holiday period as never before first observed in our country, where the combination of the worsening of the second and third waves of the pandemic, on the one hand, and consumer behavioral changes, on the other, has triggered an unprecedented wave of online shopping.

"The study we conducted with UPIDO" - commented Francesco Borghi, CEO of ShippyPro - "takes into account the consequences of the pandemic in 30 markets around the world and compares the results obtained by the Amazon Prime countries, on the one hand, with those registered in non-Amazon Pr countries ime, on the other ".

" What immediately catches the eye is how in the last year platforms like Amazon have played a fundamental role in accelerating a particular type of e-commerce "driven" by the pandemic and how they have redesigned consumption during the Christmas holidays, especially in Italy, where online purchases have marked a peak never seen before. 80% of the geographic areas analyzed recorded new records of e-commerce transactions compared to what was recorded during the same holiday period in 2019 ".

According to the report, Czech Republic (+ 43.9%) , Ireland (+39), Sweden (+ 23.7%) are instead the leading countries in the non-Amazon Prime group, showing growth rates in the volumes of shipments that are on average lower than those obtained by the countries of Prime area. Thailand was trailing behind both groups of countries, with a strongly negative growth rate (around -26%).

"2020, in general, will be remembered as the largest e-commerce accelerator ever and as the true beginning of a new era for retail - added Francesco Borghi - Consumers of everything the world have had to face a structural break, driven by the pandemic, in the way they move, work and live and consequently have adapted their lifestyles and their shopping habits ".

Over half of the markets monitored throughout 2020, in fact, achieved record growth rates (on average above 20%) if the 2020 e-commerce volumes are compared to 2019. In particular, 70% of those benefiting from this "extra" countries in the Amazon Prime area and 30% of non-Amazon Prime ones.

In all of 2020 the most virtuous country among those in the first group in terms of online sales was Canada (+ 41.4%) , followed by the United States (+ 37.1%) and the United Kingdom (+ 31.6%).

In the second group, on the other hand, ranks Ireland (+ 45.3%), Poland (+ 37.0%) and the Czech Republic (+ 34.0%). These six countries have already started a process of chasing China, the world's largest e-commerce market.

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