Proof, Jaguar F-Type: the immortal charm of the V8 engine

Proof, Jaguar F-Type: the immortal charm of the V8 engine

Proof, Jaguar F-Type

The tradition of the mighty and noisy gasoline engines seems destined for a slow but inexorable decline. Performance and sportiness in the future may no longer “ring”, giving way to the silent speed of electric cars. The V8 architecture is the custodian of one of the most historic and fascinating legacies, which can be found in the current Jaguar F-type range. The British two-seater coupé is a contemporary product that does not betray the heritage of the brand, one of the best known in the automotive world.

Available in both the 2.0-liter four-cylinder 300 hp version, and in the aforementioned set up with a 5.0-liter V8 engine, with power between 450 and 575 hp. The subject of the test was the "less" extreme version of the eight-cylinder, with all-wheel drive. The color chosen for the bodywork is very fascinating: a seductive sweet red that restores an image of sportiness and elegance. The price for the Jaguar F-type with 450 HP and all-wheel drive is just over 101 thousand euros. And its appearance is the first convincing element: it manages to combine in a winning way aggressive and muscular details, to others much softer and more delicate. The result is an excellent compromise between display of power and refined style refinement. The front area has been modified compared to the previous generation, with the shape of the headlights thinner and elongated, almost sharp. Looking at it from the side, you can see the considerable length of the bonnet, almost in contrast with the tail, much shorter and more compact. The rear area is however not very up to date, with the headlights gaining a few more squared lines. The shape of the roof is sinuous and sloping, like a real coupé. The cockpit was also not upset, maintaining a setting very similar to the previous generation of Jaguar F-type. Ergonomic and rational, but not very sophisticated and refined, one does not have the impression of sitting in the typical luxurious English setting. The choice was to privilege the driving experience, while still offering a technological configuration that was in step with the times. Thus, a new full digital 12.3 ″ screen dashboard with customizable graphics was introduced, and an updated onboard entertainment system with Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility as standard. Lo screen is touch and responds quite precisely to commands, even if it does not shine for fluidity and speed of reaction. The graphical interface and the content offer are good. However, visibility is partially limited on sunny days: the light reflected on the screen creates shadow areas and makes it practically impossible to read some information. Overall, the upholstery is all of good quality and the sports seats are quite comfortable, they do not require great sacrifices from the occupants even in the case of long transfers. point to cover a very small portion of the windshield. In fact, they don't help protect vision. Better to travel with sunglasses. The boot capacity for a sports car with these characteristics is very good and reaches almost 300 liters. More than enough to accommodate a couple of cabin bags for a weekend out of town. The dynamic part of the Jaguar F-Type is certainly successful: the set-up is balanced, the steering has been improved and is now more precise, the suspension calibration is grand touring without sacrificing performance if required. The structure is solid and very well tested. The real protagonist is the engine: 5.0-liter V8 with 450 HP. Upon switching on, its vocal identity is immediately perceived: a dark and severe timbre, deep and raw. You press the gas pedal, the number of revolutions rises and with it the sound that becomes more and more engaging and captivating. This is a component that has not been neglected by Jaguar, indeed, yes he is delighted by the incisiveness of the rumble, which in release and shifting lets out even a few crackles. In terms of delivery, the V8 is very bright and fluid, full-bodied and precise. Vibrations are completely absent and at cruising speeds you are not disturbed by the metallic sound. The soundproofing is pretty good and the aerodynamic noises do not filter inside the passenger compartment, which is separated from other external interference. Despite displacement and horsepower, the engine is not particularly brutal: in acceleration standing still, you are not surprised and even in terms of pure performance, it is not a lap time car. In this sense, Jaguar's proposal is perhaps more oriented towards an exploitable car capable of satisfying the needs of a vast clientele, even those who often use it to travel hundreds of kilometers on the motorway. In this context, the Jaguar F-Type proved to be at ease: comfortable, versatile, dynamic, relaxed in the city and in fast-moving sections and with the engine always ready to overtake in total safety.

Federicovecchio .com Pure performance is not its purpose. Four-wheel drive is effective: even in conditions of poor grip, it has always shown excellent stability and the distribution of torque between the two axles allows you to regain control in the event of understeer and oversteer. The behavior of the automatic gearbox with eight-speed torque converter is pleasant, precise and quick in accompanied driving, not as effective when looking for performance: it has a shifting logic that is not exactly like a sports car. Not a defect, but a confirmation of Jaguar's desire to offer an elegant, comfortable, versatile and engaging car to drive, but still more suitable for touring than for racing.

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