Pokémon GO, the Kanto Tour has begun! All free and paid content

Pokémon GO, the Kanto Tour has begun! All free and paid content

Pokémon GO

One of the most anticipated and anticipated events of recent months has finally kicked off in Pokémon GO. The Kanto Tour started at nine o'clock and will keep the Trainers busy until 9:00 pm this evening.

To participate, you need to buy a ticket, sold at a price of 11.99 euros. Once done, you are asked to choose which version to start with: Red or Green, featuring exclusive Pokémon exactly as it happened in the original games that started the phenomenon. Pokémon initially discovered in the Kanto region will appear in the wild, in raids and encounters after research missions. During the event you can attract them with the Aroma or get them with the evolution, and if you are lucky you can also meet them in their chromatic version. To get them all, since some will be exclusive, it will be very important to trade.

Red Version

Pokémon exclusive to the Red Version: you can attract Ekans, Oddish, Mankey, Growlithe, Scyther and Electabuzz with the Aroma; You will have more chances to encounter these Shiny Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pidgey, Ekans, Pikachu, Nidoran ♀, Oddish, Diglett, Mankey, Growlithe, Ponyta, Shellder, Drowzee, Krabby, Hitmonlee, Lickitung, Scyther, Electabuzz, Eevee, Kabuto and Dratini.

Green Version

Pokémon exclusive to the Green Version: you can attract Sandshrew, Vulpix, Meowth, Bellsprout, Magmar and Pinsir with the Aroma; You will have more chances to meet these Shiny Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pidgey, Pikachu, Sandshrew, Nidoran ♂, Vulpix, Meowth, Psyduck, Bellsprout, Geodude, Exe Once the event starts, you will have access to 10 collection challenges, which will be available until 7:59 pm on February 28, 2021. When starting the Kanto Pokémon GO Tour, also remember to tap the Special Research icon after Professor Willow's appearance to claim your new Special Research. Once you've done this, you can complete it at any time during or after the event. Once the Kanto Pokémon GO Tour Special Research is finished, you will have access to a new, more challenging type of research: the masterful research, designed to be completed after a long period of time. The first story (All for One ... No. 151) will offer the chance to encounter a Shiny Mew! Don't forget to redeem free tickets in the shop. They are included in the ticket and allow you to get three remote raid tickets and 200 Poké Balls. You can also claim up to nine raid tickets each day during the event.

Free Pokémon GO: Kanto Tour Content

Here's what awaits Trainers who don't buy tickets:

Some Pokémon initially discovered in the Kanto region in the wild and in raids; Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo in legendary raids with exclusive attacks; Event exclusive timed search available to all coaches; Trade range increased to 40km. During the event, the characters of the selected Trainers will appear as Challengers of the GO Tour. Find and defeat them in Pokéstops to complete the event's exclusive timed quest and earn rewards! Evolve Ivysaur, the evolution of Bulbasaur, to obtain a Venusaur who knows Tree Root. Evolve Wartortle, Squirtle's evolution, to get a Blastoise that knows Hydro Cannon. Evolve Charmeleon, Charmander's evolution, to obtain a Charizard that knows Fire. During the event there will be hours dedicated to specific locations encountered in Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green. We just have to wish you good hunting!

Pokemon GO Kanto Tour: Schedule, Challenges, Masterwork Research, Shiny Mew And More

Pokemon GO

Credit: Niantic

Pokemon GO’s season of celebration comes to a kind of crescendo this weekend with the Kanto Tour, a ticketed event that feels like it’s somewhere halfway between Pokemon GO Fest and one of those paid special research events. There’s a lot going on, but the main thrust is that this is an ode to the original Pokemon Red and Green games—Blue in the West, of course. The event runs from 9:00 AM-9:00 PM local time

To start with, you’ll need to choose which version to buy, just like in the mainline games. There are two on offer: Red and Green, each of which will come with incense that attracts exclusive creatures. Read more here, but the important thing is that you’ll need a friend, or stranger, with the opposite version in order to complete the event.

Collections: The entire event is themed around the new collection challenges, with a whopping 10 collection challenges available to all ticket holders. These come in two flavors—the first five are themed around methods of acquiring critters, and they are:

  • Red (Trade) or Red (Incense)
  • Green (Trade) or Green (Incense)
  • Raid
  • Research
  • Evolve
  • After that, the next five are themed around different areas from the original games:

  • Pallet Town
  • Pewter City
  • Cerulean City
  • Fuchsia City
  • Pokémon League
  • All challenges will remain available until February 28, 7:59 PM.

    Schedule: Just like with GO Fest, spawns and incense attracted Pokemon will shift by the hour, with each hour themed around a different area from the games. Here’s the full schedule:

  • 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.: Pallet Town
  • 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.: Pewter City
  • 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.: Cerulean City
  • 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.: Fuchsia City
  • 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.: Pokémon League
  • 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.: Pallet Town
  • 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: Pewter City
  • 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.: Cerulean City
  • 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.: Fuchsia City
  • 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.: Pokémon League
  • 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.: Pokémon from all previous hours
  • Research: There’s an interesting twist here, because we’ve got two research lines. The first is the standard event research, which we’ll know more about soon. After that, however, you’ll get access to a special “Masterwork Research”, which is meant to be much tougher, requiring you to collect all Kanto creatures, reach level 40, catch 30 Pokemon of each type, spin 151 unique Pokestops and walk 151 km. After you’re finished, you get a shiny Mew.

    And that’s about the size of it. There will be more to know as the day goes on, but until then, get ready to walk.

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