Online universities: which one to choose, how to choose it

Online universities: which one to choose, how to choose it
How to direct one's own course of study, also and above all if one intends to make use of a course based on distance learning? Which online university to choose and, above all, how to choose it? The answer to these questions is in the birth of a dedicated portal,, which "collects more than 120 easy-to-consult cards dedicated to the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Courses available today at the 11 Telematic Universities recognized by the Ministry of Education. The indexed training offer will also soon be expanded, including first and second level University Masters and courses delivered in e-learning mode by traditional universities ". how choose, what to choose

Choosing the most suitable course of study for your needs is an activity as important as it is delicate, and it is good that the information that guides it is clear, comprehensive and official. The support provided by Anvur (National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System) was therefore fundamental for the initiative, thanks to which on the site there are - in addition to detailed sheets relating to each University and Degree Course - approved summaries of the most recent official assessments available for each university.

The service is also equipped with a University Orientation Desk reachable from the toll-free number (800.82.84.74), which is very useful for assisting students both in choosing the University and in the subsequent enrollment process. Above all, all this is free and therefore available to all those who are thinking about the decisive choice of direction for their studies: the contribution of the main telematic universities involved in the initiative was fundamental in this sense.

“Anvur's mission is to promote the quality of the university system through evaluation models both in research and in teaching”, explains prof. Antonio Uricchio, President of the Board of Directors of Anvur: "The publicity and transparency of the evaluations carried out and the analyzes collected in our periodic reports also offer valuable information to potential students in the informed choice of their studies".

It should be emphasized how Distance Learning (the infamous "DaD") has impacted the world of universities with highly appreciated results: 75% of university professors are satisfied with the results of this methodology and a double-digit increase in enrollments is recorded to telematic universities year on year. In short, the method works and in online universities it finds its ideal context for optimal development. Thus Matteo Monari, founder of AteneiOnline, therefore emphasizes the principle underlying the goodness of the initiative: "Distance learning is historically the subject of prejudice, but times are rapidly changing. Anvur's contribution was fundamental not only to create an instrument of choice as reliable and complete as possible, but also to enhance its contents and intentions ".

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