Just Eat will hire the first riders as employees in March

Just Eat will hire the first riders as employees in March

It starts from Monza, average hourly rate of 9 euros. The initial goal is a thousand subordinate employment contracts in the first two months

A Just Eat delivery boy (photo: Just Eat) Hourly wages, protections, bonuses and allowances: these are some aspects of the employment contract that Just Eat will use for hiring riders in Italy, starting for the first time in March. The Scoober model, already active in twelve countries where the group is present, will be inaugurated in Monza with the aim of extending it to another 23 Italian cities in 2021, with a thousand hires in the first two months. Just Eat will propose to the deliveries a full time (40 hours per week), variable or on call part-time employment relationship with a base pay of 7.5 euros per hour, regardless of the deliveries made, with a package of increases that would increase the average hourly rate of 9 euros.

Just Eat thus withdraws from the trade union agreement between Assodelivery and Ugl, canceled by the Ministry of Labor in November because it is based on the piece rate, carrying on its model already used by 19 thousand riders in 140 cities around the world where the app is used. Except for future adjustments due to the collective discussion in progress, the company contract provides for a bonus system linked to the number of deliveries; social security protections; liability and life insurance; allowance for the use of own means of transport, night work, holidays and overtime; compulsory training; vacation, sickness, maternity or paternity leave; helmet, technical clothing, safety devices, backpack and tools for cleaning the equipment.

The first cities to follow the example of the Brianza capital will be Brescia, Verona, Parma and Reggio Emilia and then arrive in Milan by April 2021. Here the first hub will be inaugurated, a logistics center where riders can meet , collect and use Just Eat vehicles, such as electric scooters and e-bikes. Similar structures will also be opened in Rome, Turin, Bologna and Naples. Takeaway Express Italy will take care of the recruitments, a new reality set up by the parent company, with a staff of over 100 figures who will have to coordinate the new operating model to support riders from all over Italy. "In any case, our intention is to continue to investigate the issue with the social partners and trade unions, always with a view to offering protection and flexibility", assured Davide Bertarini, head of the Scoober project.

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