The scooter that detects air quality

The scooter that detects air quality

Voiager 4 has sensors to identify low-light areas, in addition to those for pollution

(Photo: Voi) The new Voiager 4 electric scooter from Voi Technology does not only think about sustainable electric mobility for urban environment, but takes advantage of the presence of numerous intelligent sensors on board to create a sort of real-time information detection network, for example on air quality or traffic infrastructures. It also thinks about a more precise location of the vehicle and a safer interaction with pedestrians.

Technologies for the Internet of things and dedicated to mobility therefore meet in the new Voiager 4 (V4) electric scooter model which increases engine performance by 35% and extends the life cycle to five years. In terms of design, the direction indicators - the arrows, in short - are now visible at 360 degrees and the wider 10 "honeycomb tires improve comfort on rough road surfaces. The ipx7 certification ensures a good seal of the electronic components even in rainy conditions.

But the real pro of V4 is the hardware system with a series of smart sensors that measure interesting values ​​such as air pollution, but also the possible insufficient street lighting or the environmental noise level. Since the scooters are scattered throughout the city and are constantly on the move, they can act as real-time sentinels on road conditions.

The other great improvement concerns the location of the vehicle that goes from the canonical 15-30 meters to an accuracy below one meter, with advantages not only when you are looking for the scooter to use, but also during navigation. And with communication via bluetooth with the iBeacons of the racks, a centimeter-accurate parking is guaranteed. Internal sensors also check for proper operation with over 300 parameters and 55 error conditions for faster maintenance in case of breakdown or damage.

Since scooters are shared by users and we are still in an emergency from Covid-19, the antimicrobial handlebar prevents spread with contact elimination. Finally, the vehicle's acoustic alarm system avoids collisions with pedestrians, especially for the most fragile categories such as the visually impaired.

The new Voiager 4 scooters will soon debut on selected markets and will be spread more consistently during the 2021.

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