Hitman 3: Solution to Challenges - Tips in the Guide

Hitman 3: Solution to Challenges - Tips in the Guide
Complete the Hitman 3 challenges? We provide you with tips and solutions for special challenges of the individual levels. The game includes great locations in huge sandbox worlds and a variety of challenges that you can master without a guide. For each location we have chosen a path that will support you in tracking down and chilling your target persons. So on the following pages you will find our solutions for the exciting but special challenges in the game. For some you will receive achievements or trophies, but not for others.

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Dubai - parachute jump

Your target persons for the first assignment in Hitman 3 are Carl Ingram and Markus Stuyvesant. Due to the ceremonial opening of the "scepter", the tallest building in the world, the Providence partners make a guest appearance in that very skyscraper in Dubai. With our tips you can turn off both goals in one fell swoop: First, follow the linear path from the standard starting point outside the building through the ventilation shaft to the cloakroom. As soon as Agent 47 slips into his fancy suit, you can move freely on this floor without becoming suspicious. If this is your very first run, go to an information board and unlock the map for a better overview. Afterwards it goes back in the room of the ceremony towards the main stairs. Don't go down the stairs, but walk along the railing until you come to a keypad in the back right corner. The numeric code is 4-7-0-6. From now on it will be a little more exciting, because you are now entering unauthorized areas for you. Carefully sneaks on - between the two busy event staff members - and takes cover behind the small car on the left. Now wait until one of the guards starts their round trip and carefully feel your way past the other security to the open door. Use your camera phone in this room, scan the electronic windows and wait for the two people to leave the room. Then jump through the left window and shimmy along the building. After the struts climb up until you are in front of a window with an electronic lock, open the window with your camera and jump back inside. Walk down the hall a little further, but be careful, because there is a security camera in the corridor, but you can walk under it. On the other hand, a penthouse guard patrols the area. Overcome this in an inconspicuous moment, grab the weapon and hide the body in the closet in the nearby room. The caretaker is too busy to notice you. Now keep walking down the hall to the security room. There are two more guards there, but with your disguise you are safe in this room - as long as you don't wake the sleeping guard. Stand by the safe and enter the code 6-9-2-7 in the keypad to call the Evacuation key card. Then it goes past the sleeping guard, out the door and further down the hall. There is again a camera that does not reveal your current disguise, but whoever wants to receive the "Silent Killer" award is either not allowed to be seen or has to delete the evidence in some other way afterwards. Turn right after the camera and run up the stairs. If you take a few more steps after the stairs, you will see two parachutes and one of the two card readers that initiate the evacuation of the VIPs. The other is one floor above you, but first you need a knife to manipulate the parachutes. You can find this in the kitchen on your current floor. As soon as you have grabbed the knife from the cutting board, run back to the parachutes and prepare them unnoticed. Immediately afterwards, swipe the evacuation card through the reader next door, sprint through the room behind you and up the stairs on the right. When you arrive on the next floor, you will find the second reader directly opposite the two penthouse employees. As soon as you swipe the map through the second device, both targets are isolated and first brought to the helicopter platform. However, after the pilot has misplaced his keys, your targets come back to escape with the parachute. Find a suitable place to marvel at the spectacle or escape towards the exit. The guards are alerted and are searching the area, so don't get caught at the last moment. As soon as Stuyvesant and Ingram are eliminated, you can escape through one of the exits and have mastered the first mission of Hitman 3.

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