Harry Potter themed T-shirt exclusively for a few hours on TeeTee!

Harry Potter themed T-shirt exclusively for a few hours on TeeTee!

Harry Potter fans, on the TeeTee store a new exclusive graphic is available for a few hours, perfect for all fans of the most famous wizard in pop culture! This t-shirt can be yours for only € 12.00 (+ € 3 shipping) and portrays the sumptuous symbol of the Slytherin house with some small changes, in fact the snake in the center seems to be Nagini and the wand that you see is that of Lord Voldemort, all with the famous Salazar Slytherin medallion at the bottom, which became fundamental in the final stages of the story. In short, a shirt that all Pokémon fans will surely appreciate, and that can become a nice gift idea.

On TeeTee it is also possible to apply this exclusive graphic on sweatshirts and tank tops, with models for men, women and even for children, but this time the only color available is black, which however serves to stand out better with the green of the graphics.

The Harry Potter saga came out between 1997 and 2007, and since 2001 it is arrived at the cinema with many transpositions, up to the Fantastic Beasts spinoff saga that analyzes the events that upset the magical world decades before the birth of the Chosen One.

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