Half-Life: Fan creates Demake for Game Boy

Half-Life: Fan creates Demake for Game Boy

Half-Life Demake

Game demakes are a fun thing to do and show how creative the community is. Jackarte is also one of the developers who want to demonstrate what a game looks like on an older system. For this he has decided to use Half-Life.

Half-Life on the Game Boy? This is what it looks like

With a 15-minute video you can see his version of Half-Life (buy now € 52.95) for the Nintendo Game Boy. The game is played in a 3D environment, but the enemies are 2D sprites. The graphics are not particularly detailed, which would not have been possible anyway due to the green look. The 8-bit sound underlines the retro atmosphere. Jackarte published a video of his demake at the end of January, but it had to do without the typical green color of Nintendo's handheld. The new video looks more authentic.

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It is not clear whether Jackarte will continue with the project and implement the entire game Half-Life as Demake. Half-Life developer Valve certainly has a say in this.

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