FIFA 21: Title Update 11 - Mini-Patch, but a practical change

FIFA 21: Title Update 11 - Mini-Patch, but a practical change


FIFA 21 players get access to the title update 11. Just a few days after the release of patch 10, another update for the football simulation is available for download. Once again, the update is initially only available for PC - you can get it from Steam or Origin. The versions for consoles will be served in the coming days, but a specific download date for PlayStation and Xbox has not yet been made. In the forum for the current EA kicker, the developers have communicated the patch notes - and thus go into the individual changes and innovations.

With the FIFA 21 Title Update 11, for example, an input overlay option is added to the Football simulation. If you activate the option in the game settings, you can now better understand when your key inputs are finally processed by the game in an online match. You can use the "Input Only" setting to display a controller graphic on the picture that shows the keys you have pressed. With "Input Only + Online Response", on the other hand, in addition to the aforementioned controller graphic, another graphic is displayed which graphically shows when your inputs were finally processed by the game. (buy now € 34.99 / € 23.99)

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FIFA 21: Predictions for TOTW 22 - the possible line-up for Team of the Week

In FIFA 21 the TOTW 22 is imminent: The first predictions for the new one Team of the week are already online. This is a possible squad. PC XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

FIFA 21 TOTW 21: The new team of the week for FUT - full line-up & player cards

EA Sports has announced the TOTW 21 for the FUT mode of FIFA 21, which we have announced to you of course not want to withhold. PC XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

FIFA 21: Title Update 10 now for download - that's in the new patch

Electronic Arts is releasing the FIFA 21 Title Update 10. In the article you can read the details about the patch notes . It changes. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1367446,1367348,1367169,1366996'; The patch notes for FIFA 21 Update 11 also show that the update revised more and more small details in the individual game modes. Especially in the Ultimate Team it should no longer happen that activated tasks are still displayed as blocked. In addition, the developers are addressing the spectators in the stadium stands where the wrong logos were recently printed on the fan merchandise. You can find out what changes with the update in the full patch notes in the EA forum at this link.

How to claim monthly FIFA 21 drops with Prime Gaming

EA Sports introduced players to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Prime Gaming packs last month. According to the EA Sports FIFA 21 page on the Prime Gaming website, players should expect to be able to claim drops every month until August 2021. However, there is no specific date for when each drop will be available. Now, FIFA 21 drops for February have been made available. The rewards are pretty easy to claim. All you need is a Prime Gaming subscription and an active FIFA 21 Ultimate Team account.

There is a chance that you can get an extremely good reward by participating in these drops, so they are not to be missed out on. You will be guaranteed one 81+ overall item in a pack and four rare gold player items.

Firstly, connect your Twitch account to your Amazon Prime account. You can do this by using the Prime Gaming website. Following this, connect your EA Sports account to your Twitch account. Once you have done that, you can select the Twitch Prime crown icon on the top right of the page. This is where you can claim the drops for this month. Then, load up FIFA 21 and navigate to the store on the Ultimate Team screen. Once you select the “my packs” option, your rewards should appear and be ready to open.

There is no doubt that the FIFA 21 Prime Gaming drops will be a success among fans. It will be interesting to see what other rewards will be available in future drops. Meanwhile, FIFA 21 has received further changes in regards to a recent title update. This has squashed some bugs and made various improvements to the gameplay experience. However, one piece of content that some players are still waiting for is the release of the Elland Road football stadium into the game.

Fifa 21 Prime Gaming Drops

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