Fantastic Four - Jennifer Lawrence in the reboot?

Fantastic Four - Jennifer Lawrence in the reboot?

Last December, during Disney's Investor Day, it was confirmed that the Fantastic Four will soon return to theaters with a reboot directed by director Jon Watts (Spider-man 3) that will reintroduce the First Family of the Marvel Universe into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. .

From the date of the announcement, and also due to the delicate socio-health situation still affected by the Coronavirus epidemic, obviously there have been no updates however an interesting rumor has started circulating since late yesterday evening it's about the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence.

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Fantastic Four: Jennifer Lawrence new Susan Storm?

According to the Australian tabloid The Daily Telegraph, in fact, the first actress involved in the Fantastic Four reboot will be Jennifer Lawrence. This is not a foreign face to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or rather to the X-men cinematic universe having played Mystique in the 4 films dedicated to the mutants.

Obviously the rumor has ignited the enthusiasm of the fans that immediately has speculated that Lawrence could play Susan Storm or the Invisible Woman. Probably that Marvel Studios and the actress are having a first contact on the role and the film also counting that Watts is still working on the highly anticipated Spider-man 3.

More difficult, and unlikely, that Lawrence will reprise the role of Mystic for a cameo along the lines of what happened in WandaVision with Evan Peters and his Pietro Maximoff. Also because it would be really difficult to organically insert the character into the narrative sub-universe of the Fantastic Four.

One thing is certain: the Disney / Marvel production machine has been set in motion and in the coming months we are sure there will be announcements and rumors about the film.

Fantastic Four, the pillar of the Marvel Universe

The release of Fantastic Four # 1 in November 1961 turned out to be a real surprise even for the publishing house, which had however decided to abandon the name of Atlas Comics, seeing in the appearance of these heroes the sign of a new beginning, which they decided to celebrate by choosing a name that promised adventures and fun: Marvel Comics.

It was an essential success, since it convinced Lee to remain in the industry, during a period in which the Smiling Stan was looking for new stimuli for his career. Lee saw a future in this incredible debut, especially when absurd amounts of emails began to arrive, which Lee decided to start publishing in a special column starting from the third issue of the series.

The Fantastic Four became a phenomenon editorial, so much so that Marvel decided to publish on the cover of the series the words "The Greatest Comic Magazine in the World", the largest comic in the world. A high-sounding definition, but which in hindsight was deserved, considering how it was the appearance of the Fantastic Four that gave life to the Marvel Universe.

The Fantastic Four are a fundamental point in the history of comics. Born at the dawn of the Silver Age, the four heroes maintain what was one of the cornerstones of the birth of the future characters of the House of Ideas (the 'scientific' origins), but introduce a feature never valued before: superpowers bring superproblems.

The storm of cosmic rays that gives them powers, in fact, forces them to face problems. Just think of how in the first issues, where the Thing raged against his friends accusing them of not wanting to help him get back to normal. Ben Grimm anticipates, in a certain sense, the theme of 'different' which will then become fundamental in the construction of the myth of the X-Men.

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