Dead Cells: Fatal Falls - the DLC for the rogue-like in the test

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls - the DLC for the rogue-like in the test
The eternal cycle of life and death is celebrated in a few genres as it is in rogue-like. Dead Cells, too, is fully committed to the "one more round" phenomenon: You are reborn after each death and try to escape from a cursed island. Since you are constantly unlocking new equipment, which can then be found in the item pool, not only are no two runs the same, you also increase your chances of success step by step, discover synergies and explore new areas. We gave Dead Cells a good eight out of ten in the summer of 2018 and are now returning to the island to see what has happened since then. It all starts with the first DLC - and it's free!

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Rise of the Giant

If you take a closer look at the surroundings in the new areas, you will find some clues to the cryptic background story. Source: PC Games If you own Dead Cells, you can simply download the DLC Rise of the Giant for free from the eShop. He expands the base game by four new areas and two bosses - one of which is the secret "real" end boss of the adventure. The content is aimed primarily at the experts among Dead Cells players, whoever has just started with the rogue-like will probably not see it for a while. But downloading is still worthwhile, after all, the expansion does not cost anything and significantly extends the enjoyment of the game. So on to the second DLC!

The Bad Seed

The scythe, one of the new weapons from The Bad Seed, does a lot of damage in a large area. But the attacks are very slow. Source: PC Games The second expansion for Dead Cells costs around five euros and provides more content in the first third of the game: two levels that can be reached from the Promenade of the Damned, focus on eerie plant creatures and insects, a new boss and some additional weapons as well as items. Overall, there is a little less in it than in the free first DLC, but the alternative route undoubtedly provides the necessary variety within the first areas in the game. The new enemies are designed in an interesting way and especially the arboretum area exudes flair (but also mushroom spores). The scythe, one of the new weapons, is particularly interesting: it occupies both of your equipment slots and causes massive critical damage if you alternately attack with both blades. Since such a swing takes a lot of time, the risk of being hit is high! The bottom line: good new content for a small price.

Fatal Falls

The coast in the DLC Fatal Falls is beautifully designed, but the big opponents here on the left in the picture still care for one or the other another annoying bug. Source: PC Games DLC number three was only released at the end of January 2021. Fatal Falls costs exactly as much as The Bad Seed, around five euros. In return, this package gives you access to new areas and alternative routes in the middle of the game. After downloading the three expansions, all stations of your journey are now padded with fresh challenges! Also here are two new levels as well as a new boss and some additional equipment options to explore and unlock. The first of the two fresh levels is particularly fun, in which you fight against snake creatures at lofty heights and dodge traps - or use them to crush the enemies! The second area, on the other hand, does not generate quite as much enthusiasm, for the simple reason that there are bugs here. We had killed the enemy, for example, but his teleportation spell prevented us from leaving the place where we were. Reloading didn't help either, the run was over - very annoying. Crashes can also occur if a magical barrier hits a projectile from the player at an inopportune moment. The developers usually react very quickly and will probably fix the problem shortly. Despite this little downer, Fatal Falls is also recommended, or all three extensions to Dead Cells.

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