Bowser's Fury: Tips on all 100 cat insignia in the video guide

Bowser's Fury: Tips on all 100 cat insignia in the video guide

Bowser's Fury

Bowser's Fury: Tips on the locations of all 100 cat insignia in the bonus game of the remake of Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch! In our video guide you can see all the locations of the 100 cat insignia in the open game world of the Mario game. You are traveling to the Cuddly Cat Lake and its twelve large islands to bring the angry Bowser back into the sea. Your most important tools are the cat insignia, the moon or star version of Bowser's Fury. You can find explanations of the locations in the practical guide below this video.

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Video guide and general tips

1 Bowser's Fury video guide with tips on all 100 cat insignia 2 General tips for relaxed collecting

Bowser's Fury video guide with tips on all 100 cat insignia

In the following video guide we present all of them Locations of the cat insignia in Bowser's Fury.

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General tips for relaxed collecting

Your first goal on each island should be to pick up the insignia next to the lighthouse. Often you can bag some of the medals linked to bonus tasks beforehand, but many of them only become active when you light the lighthouse with the first insignia. You also have to find five badges per island, which then combine to form an insignia. These are often accessible before the lighthouse. If you move your marker on the map over the (!) Symbol on an island, its next bonus task will be displayed. You can also see this in the display that appears when you enter the island. With the gradually unlocked bonus tasks, opponents and level architecture of an island can change. Sometimes you have to leave an island and re-enter it to start this process. You can only destroy the so-called anger blocks with the Bowser logo while Bowser is on the map. Wait for it to use its jet of fire, then hide behind anger blocks or nearby cover. You can receive almost all of the insignia while Bowser is active. Do you want to expel Bowser early, you can either collect an insignia or return to the main menu and reload your game. The three cat rescue tasks for the beach, ruin and wasteland bells are only unlocked when you have collected the majority of the insignia in the respective area. You can only collect the remaining insignia of the opening island, the Toad squad, the island of happiness and some Plessie races after the end of the game. If you have finished the game for the first time, all insignia that have not yet been collected are also marked on the map. Advertisement: Order Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury now from Amazon

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