Best Controller to Play Fortnite | February 2021

Best Controller to Play Fortnite | February 2021
What is the best controller for Fortnite to date? Among the greatest commercial and non-commercial successes of recent years we can certainly find Fortnite, a game born practically on tiptoe and then become, in a very short time with its battle royale mode, one of the most played and talked about titles ever. In fact, like it or not, it is absolutely difficult to have remained completely indifferent to the charm of the title of Epic Games, a work capable of attracting the attention of millions of gamers like few others and achieving stratospheric results in record time.

As you well know, power without control is nothing and therefore to better help you master the varied game system of Fortnite, made up of buildings, fights and much more, we have selected for you those who are currently the best Fortnite controller available on the market. A list of controllers divided by console and that will help you eliminate input lag, be super responsive and maybe even become Fortnite champions in some eSports competition. So let's say no to the chatter and let's throw ourselves now to discover the best allies for our gaming sessions on Fortnite!

All the accessories you will find in this list will obviously be compatible with the reference consoles that we will indicate to you. We remind you, however, that every good player also owes his skill to training and practicing hours and hours, especially in a game like Fortnite. Coordination is important to achieve your goal!

Best Fortnite Controller

Best Fortnite Controller Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S Best Fortnite PS4 Controller Best Fortnite Controller Nintendo Switch Best Fortnite Mobile Controller Best Fortnite PC Controller | Quality / Price

Best Fortnite controller Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

If your Fortnite playground is Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S you will find a very valid solution in the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, as well as what is most likely the best controller available on the market today. Great quality materials, additional controls and high customization possibilities: the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is an extraordinary product, able to support you relentlessly in your climb to the rankings of the best Fortnite players. What makes it more appealing is the fact that the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is compatible not only on Xbox One, but also on PC, Xbox Series X and mobile. A solution certainly not cheap, but certainly of quality, definitely valid and unassailable in every respect.

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Best Fortnite controller PS4

If you are looking for the best controller available on PS4 today, you will find in the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller a product of the highest quality, whose premium nature is clear from the first glance. Great keys, build quality, level materials and additional controls over traditional controllers: the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller is a superb product, wisely blending together great versatility with incredible performance. Of course, even in this case the price is not exactly indifferent, but to master the many Fortnite commands to the maximum and outclass your opponents on PS4 the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller is most likely the best choice currently available on the market.

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We know, we know: many gamers on PS4 can't stand asymmetrical controls in the least. If you are part of this vast array, no problem though: although it is not exactly the same controller, the Razer Raiju manages to offer an experience very similar to that of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller, but with the analogs arranged symmetrically. .

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Best Fortnite Nintendo Switch controller

Although for many it may not be the most suitable gaming platform for reach semi-competitive levels on Fortnite, Nintendo Switch instead has several arrows in its quiver, such as great portability, thus managing to prove to be an absolutely valid solution for many players. Of course, the Joy-Con are not exactly the utmost in precision, but with a Nintendo Switch Horipad you will be able without too many problems to master even the complex control system of Fortnite and have your say on the battlefield. The Nintendo Switch Horipad is therefore an absolutely valid solution, as well as a high quality product available at a very affordable price. Quite possibly the best Fortnite controller for Nintendo Switch.

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Best mobile Fortnite controller

If your goal is to reach the highest levels possible on Fortnite in its mobile version, then the controller for you is definitely the Razer Raiju Mobile. Of course, the price is not absolutely indifferent, but the quality offered by this controller is really great and able to satisfy any palate. Between adjustable device support, a highly ergonomic layout and tactile feedback, finding something to complain about in the Razer Raiju Mobile is indeed very difficult. To make everything even more attractive is the presence of a dedicated app, which will allow us to customize the multipurpose controller to our liking. Of course, to become true Fortnite experts you need talent and a lot of training, but in the Razer Raiju Mobile you will find a faithful companion in your gaming sessions. Surely the best Fortnite controller available on mobile today.

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If you want to spend less, no problem: also the aforementioned controllers for PS4 and Xbox One are great on mobile. If, on the other hand, you want a more affordable controller dedicated to mobile, you can find a wide choice on the market currently, of which we offer some choices conveniently below.

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Best Fortnite PC Controller | Quality / Price

It goes without saying that PC gamers use a mouse and keyboard to take full advantage of the potential of Epic Games' Battle Royale. But, if you want a great pad at an affordable price, the new Xbox Series X controller might be for you. At first glance, it looks the same as the Xbox One controller, but it isn't. "Team that wins does not change", as the saying goes: the new controller incorporates the ergonomics of the previous pad by integrating a new button for sharing and rough rear surfaces (including triggers). Among the new features is a new futuristic vibration system, the Impulse Triggers, which ensures the user total immersion.

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An alternative premium, it can be the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 which, as reported in the paragraph above, is also compatible with PC.

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