Amazon and Ferragamo together against counterfeiting

Amazon and Ferragamo together against counterfeiting
With a joint statement, Amazon and Salvatore Ferragamo announce that they have filed two lawsuits in the United States (at the Western District Court of Washington) against a total of four individuals and three legal persons who have sold counterfeit products of the brand, through a store hosted by the platform. In fact, a violation of the law, of the policies established by the e-commerce giant and of the intellectual property rights of the Italian brand.

Fight against counterfeit products: Amazon alongside Ferragamo

Among the initiatives implemented by Amazon with the aim of combating the phenomenon of counterfeiting, there is also the Counterfeit Crimes Unit set up in June last year, a team operating on a global scale that actively collaborates with law enforcement agencies by identifying the culprits of the offense and bringing them to justice.

The debut of Project Zero dates back to 2019, an initiative thanks to which brands are able to directly remove non-original products found on the store. This is the comment of Dharmesh Metha, Vice President of Customer Trust and Partner Support at Amazon.

Counterfeiting is not allowed in our marketplace and we have shown the bad guys who try to evade our preventive activities that we take aggressive actions to prosecute those responsible for violations of our policy. Through our Counterfeit Crimes Unit, we work closely with luxury and cosmetic brands, small businesses and globally recognized brands with the aim of protecting intellectual property and fighting counterfeiting.

Salvatore Ferragamo, for his part, is engaged in online and offline activities with the same purpose, already capable of leading to important results. The following are the words of Micaela Le Divelec Lemmi, Chief Executive Officer of the Italian company.

The actions we have taken with great determination in recent years in the fight against counterfeiting have allowed us to achieve good results in the protection of the brand . Made in Italy and its quality based on values ​​such as research, innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship are fundamental to us and for this reason our commitment to safeguarding the brand and our community of consumers is maximum. The joint action with Amazon underlines that for Ferragamo the protection of intellectual property is a priority and how the company is pursuing the fight against counterfeiting with great awareness and decision.

This is not the first time that Amazon has signed a partnership with brands for very similar purposes: it has also done so with KF Beauty, JL Childress, YETI and Valentino. Together with the latter, it blocked the business of a New York company engaged in the online sale of counterfeit shoes.

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