72p Horizon Zero Dawn on PC! No, it's not a typo

72p Horizon Zero Dawn on PC! No, it's not a typo
We have now reached the ninth generation of videogames and for some months the lucky ones have been putting their hands on the consoles and its next generation titles. Since the dawn of the video game, every new decade has always brought various technological improvements capable of making games more complete and real. Among these we find Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the PS4 exclusives most appreciated by the public and critics that on PC is playable even at a rather particular type of resolution.

The title of the news reflects the truth, there is someone who on the net he managed to play Horizon Zero Dawn at the "beauty" of 72p, not 720p, no typos. This particular curiosity was pointed out to us by the user St1ka, who posted a GIF on his Twitter account in which we can see the open world of Guerrilla Games in a look that is nothing short of pixelated thanks to the resolution of 256 × 144.

As the boy pointed out, 72p is fully supported by the base title and does not need any mods or add-ons to test this weird gaming experience. According to the testimony of this user, to set the resolution to 72p on PC, just open the graphic settings menu of Horizon Zero Dawn and go up to the selection of the resolution 256 × 144 and voilà, that's it.

Did you know the PC Version of Horizon: Zero Dawn lets you toggle the resolution to 72p? (256 × 144) pic.twitter.com/3nYccHPQDZ

- St1ka (@ St1ka) February 6, 2021

72p is the minimum resolution that Horizon Zero Dawn offers to PC gamers, and let us tell you, the guys at Guerrilla Games have already left that possibility for a long time. Obviously, we challenge you to play the entire title in this resolution, but it is certainly curious to try some tests, just to understand how Aloy's world is seen from a decidedly more blocky perspective. What do you think of this discovery? Would you try to play this fantastic title in such a resolution? Please let us know with a comment.

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