Wolverine v2 controller review for PC and Xbox Series: The Razer Premium

Wolverine v2 controller review for PC and Xbox Series: The Razer Premium
Xbox consoles welcome a new controller from Razer. The Wolverine v2 thus arrives on the market with its wired connection, its additional buttons and its adjustable angle triggers. But are its arguments sufficient to justify its premium price?

Times are tough for accessory makers looking to bring controllers to the console market. Between Sony, which does not allow competition for its DualSense on PS5 and Microsoft, which does not accept wireless controllers other than its own on Xbox, there is no other choice than the development of wired models for Xbox Series to third-party manufacturers such as Nacon, Thrustmaster, Hori or Razer. It is Razer who is now putting the new Wolverine v2 in our hands, a direct descendant of the Wolverine Tournament Edition for Xbox One that we tested in 2018. And the relationship between these two models seems obvious, when it comes to comparing their characteristics, even if the overall design has evolved with clear progress in terms of finish.

Specifications Compatibility Xbox Series, Xbox One, Windows PC and Mac, Android, Linux Type of connection USB with fixed cable Action buttons 10 Analog sticks 2 Touch pad No Vibrations Yes, 2 motors Battery No Weight 265 grams without cable Amazon offers € 119.99 Free delivery

A nice evolution of the grip

Let's start with what is obvious, namely the shell of this controller which gains enormous curves. If the size remains quite comparable with the previous model, the grip makes a real leap forward, in particular thanks to deeper handles, now textured on the front and on the sides via a slightly rubbery plastic offering a fairly good grip. therefore. The placement of the fingers is undeniably better, with a much more comfortable position on long sessions and a big improvement in the accessibility of the different keys. Accessibility which is also superior to that of the official Xbox Series controller in terms of the hands of children and adults.

At the level of its buttons, Razer fully plays the card of reactivity with very fast and dry mechanical switches, both on the front action keys as well as on the edge buttons, the secondary functions or even on the directional cross. Count half a millimeter of travel only at the A, B, X, Y keys for the press to be taken into account, and then as much to complete the travel of the button. It's very short, in the order of what Thrustmaster offers with its eSwap X, and it allows you to be quick in action. We are at this level very, far from the softness of an Xbox Series or One controller.

The directional cross also takes advantage of this nervousness, with a design based on 4 switches. Nevertheless, and contrary to what the first Wolverine of the name proposed, the shape of this cross really resembles that of an Xbox One controller, with the wide arms and rounded edges. It's a little less efficient than an Xbox Series controller when it comes to doing U-turns, but it does its job perfectly for sequence of directions and quarter-turns. Just a pity that the material is so smooth and slippery, which requires a regular replacement of the thumb.

A slice loaded with functions

The triggers have a very pointed shape, which can get in the way a little at the beginning, but which ultimately ensures good positioning of the index in all circumstances. The stroke of around one centimeter can be reduced to 4 millimeters by activating a reduction gear under the lever. We will especially benefit from this function to use the trigger as a drier button, for shooting for example. But in terms of regrets, we will note on the one hand a certain softness in the spring, in support as in return in position, and on the other hand the absence of dedicated vibration as on the official Microsoft model (or on the 'eSwap X from Thrustmaster). We lose information in racing games for example, and especially in sensations in most titles. Too bad.

The edge knobs are more successful, offering a shape that does not denote what we are used to seeing and good responsiveness regardless of the pressure zone. Their trigger point is below one millimeter, and the post-trigger stroke covers about the same distance. Clearly, you press and it reacts quickly, as for the front keys. Also, like on the first Wolverine of the name, or on the Raiju for PS4, Razer added two additional keys, between triggers and edges, and towards the inside of the controller. Inaccessible to children's hands, these additional buttons remain very practical when the thumbs are too busy with the analog sticks and their placement is ideal for adult hands, with a few sessions to get used to.

Efficient but non-modular sticks

In terms of its sticks, the Wolverine v2 offers wide models, with a short shank, and with an angle reduced by a thick base. What slightly favor the rapid movements compared to the precision. At this level, the controller is still very versatile, with effective grip, well-dosed resistance and a quick return to the center. We can still regret that this premium model does not offer a change of stick cap like the Elite, Elite 2 or eSwap X controllers. Similarly with the absence of paddles between the handles, even though the Raiju and the first ones Wolverine offered some pretty convincing ones.

Although Wolverine v2 is a Windows compatible model and recognized without driver, it does not benefit from software support on this platform. You have to go through an application to download from Xbox Series to take advantage of all the available functions: remapping of all the keys, stick sensitivity, vibration adjustment, user presets recording. The interface is nonetheless pleasant and easy to use, even if we note the absence of dead zones and curve settings for the sticks, as well as switching from one preset to another at the touch of a button. The good idea, however, remains the sound management, for the mini-jack on the front of the controller, which allows with the directional cross and the dedicated button to control the general volume and that of the voice chat. Very practical.

A quality model, weighed down by its price and its cable

In the end, the Wolverine v2 offers a quality service, very focused on reactivity, with a beautiful finish and functions that are mastered. The progress compared to the previous version on Xbox One is evident and this controller can be a real source of performance as well as gaming pleasure, even over long games. Except there is a catch. The beauty is now sold for € 120, the price of two official controllers, and it limits its connection to a cable of 3 meters. Gripped between the qualitative standard models and sufficient for most players, an Elite 2 which shines by its finish as its functions, or an eSwap X which brings performance and modularity to all levels, the Wolverine v2 hardly justify its prohibitive price in view of its technical limitations. There remains a model to keep in the viewfinder in the event of a good promotion, provided that the mandatory presence of the cable does not put you off.

Amazon offers 119.99 € Free delivery Notes + Positive points A comfortable and high-performance Very responsive controls at all levels A high-performance directional cross Large, high-quality analog sticks Lockable triggers Software support, fairly complete and effective Headphone sound management, remarkable - Negatives The price obviously, especially for a wired controller The cross a little slippery in large movements No change of the stick heads Two vibration motors out of four are missing A single final A preset memory, few additional functions for such an expensive controller Yes, the Wolverine v2 is a beautiful model, well made, comfortable and efficient in game with its two additional buttons and very dry contacts. But its price remains difficult to justify, especially in the face of very solid competition on the platform. And clearly, the lack of a wireless connection makes it difficult to recommend to the general public. So for informed players. The review of oliveroidubocal MP Twitter Editorial sportsgaming.win January 25, 2021 at 3:39:33 PM 14/20

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