Super Nintendo World: Park opening postponed again

Super Nintendo World: Park opening postponed again
The global coronavirus pandemic will keep a large part of the world's population in suspense in the new year 2021. While control over the pandemic has hardly been guaranteed in this country for some time, things are looking much better, especially in Asian countries, where an (almost) normal life is sometimes possible - this also applies to Japan, Nintendo's home country. The first Nintendo theme park called Super Nintendo World was supposed to open there as part of the much larger Universal Studios Japan. But now the start has been postponed again.

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No new date yet

Because even in Japan one has to fight again with the new type of coronavirus, especially with new mutations whose exact behavior has not yet been adequately researched, but better transferability lets guess. To be on the safe side, the emergency has been declared again in some parts of Japan in the past few days in order to be able to react appropriately. This also applies to Osaka, where Super Nintendo World is located.

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Source: Nintendo Japan

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