Fallen Legion: Revenants, the tried and tested demo

Fallen Legion: Revenants, the tried and tested demo
The Fallen Legion saga may not be the best known and most famous in the RPG park, but over the years it has carved out a good slice of fans, thanks also and above all to its combat system as particular as it is deep, sometimes chaotic but never mundane and always fun. Quality that we also found in the Fallen Legion: Revenants demo that we tested in these days. The story of this sequel catapults us into Welkin's floating castle. The earth has been hit by a curse that makes the atmosphere poisonous and the lord of the castle to save (at least so it seems) all his subjects casts a powerful magic that allows the manor to avoid the deadly miasma.

Rowena and her followers

However, not all that glitters is gold: Ivor, the ruler, is a shady and mean figure, who only wants power at the expense of everything and everyone. The game puts us in the shoes of Lucien, a politician inside the castle who, with the help of the spirit of an executed young woman, Rowena, whose son was imprisoned by Ivor himself, will have to look for a way to be able to dethrone. the bad guy on duty. To do this he will have to collaborate with Rowena who has the power to evoke the exemplars, a sort of materialization of the souls of the weapons or of those who wielded them.

The gameplay is divided, as a tradition of the series, in two main parts interconnected with each other. The first purely action, with the spirit of the woman and her exemplar of her who explore the land and fight against monsters of all kinds to be able to destroy all the connections that may exist between Ivor and the outside of the castle. The other exquisitely role-playing, with Lucien inside Welkin having to make sure to win the trust of residents and influential people to foment a rebellion. The two game modes interconnect so that the decisions taken by Lucien lead the action group to carry out this or the other battle path, ending up towards different unlockables and different consequences on the story.

The fight always takes place without previous exploration, in a sort of arcade run from left to right, interspersed with clashes. In the expedition there are always four, of which three exemplars chosen prior to departure, and then Rowena. The main actions are performed by the "specimens" attacking with a square, cross or circle, while our dear wizard can, once the mana bar is charged with attacks, cast offensive or healing spells. The whole thing is a sort of ATB, with the actions of the characters that can only be carried out after the action bar is loaded. You can also parry from opponent attacks and by doing so you can also repel them. Let's say that the whole thing is quite funny were it not for the fact that in some moments, with many characters on the screen, the action is confusing and parrying a sort of business.

Inside the castle, on the other hand, you can move with Lucien, always and only in two dimensions, between different environments and talk to some non-player characters. From a technical point of view we are faced with a title, at least in this demo, a bit immature, with different details to be filed such as the animations of the characters or the backdrops, not always in high definition. Then the thing that honestly surprised us the most in the negative are the freezes that almost always happen during the dialogues (and we played it on PS5). The graphic style then, even with a wink to Vanillaware productions, is not something to cry for a miracle, on the contrary, sometimes it seems that the drawings are almost sketchy and still need to be finished but in any case, in general, the work does not it's very bad. Side note, all dialogues, menus and subtitles are in English.

Our tried it gave us the feeling that in fact this saga still has something to tell and that fans should certainly watch with interest to Fallen Legion: Revenants. The long demo (about five hours of gameplay) is a great opportunity to give it a first chance.


Fans of the series will find themselves at home The game system works properly and it's fun ... DOUBTS ... even if sometimes confusing Technically it leaves something to be desired

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