Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition available again from GameStop!

Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition available again from GameStop!
Network collectors, gathering! We would like to point out that, not without surprise, the much desired Collector’s Edition of Cyberpunk 2077 is back available on the Gamestop digital store (it is not known in what quantity), in the PS4 edition only. The great thing is that these are new editions, moreover with a surcharge of only one euro compared to the original cost, and therefore available at the original price of € 220.98!

»Click here to buy the Collector's for PlayStation«

While it is true that Cyberpunk 2077 is still the protagonist of a very complex story, such as to have led to continuous apologies from the development team, and a disastrous stock collapse of the same, we are still talking about one of the most anticipated and engaging titles of recent years, certainly bordering on unplayable on older generation consoles, but still at the center of a road map of updates which will culminate, in the fall of this year, with the long-awaited update for PS5 and Xbox One X.

In addition to this, we are still talking about one of the most desired and sold Collector's Editions of recent years, both because this is a very eagerly awaited release, both because the edition contains a huge array of gadgets and memorabilia, as well as a really beautiful and detailed resin statue, and even a solid case with magnetic closure suitable for custodians re all the "goodies" present in this edition!

We are therefore talking about a massive, expensive and truly beautiful edition! A real must for all fans of the game who, thanks to it, will be able to take home not only the game, but also a Steelbook, a 25 cm high statue, an artbook, a set of pins, a keychain, a guide city ​​tourist map, patches to put on the jacket, a compendium, a set of postcards, a city map, a set of stickers and various bonus items to use in the game, all for the price of € 220.98.

Available only in the PS4 edition (the PS5 version will be released for free in the form of an update for all owners of the game), the Collector's Edition of Cyberpunk 2077 is one of those objects that cannot be missing from the collection of a passionate about videogames, and after all we are talking about an extraordinary title that, net of its problems, we have rewarded through reviews with a sound 9.3!

Having no news on Gamestop's availability, what we can is to hurry up to buy the product immediately, also because it is plausible that after this new and unexpected return, it will be out of stock forever, returning to be purchased only through the secondary market (and related surcharges). Take advantage of it!

»Click here to buy the Collector's for PlayStation 4«

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