Balan Wonderworld: demo release date for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC

Balan Wonderworld: demo release date for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC
Square Enix recently announced the release date of the Balan Wonderworld demo for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The demo will contain Acts 1 and 2 of Chapter 1, Act 1 of Chapter 4 and Act 1 of Chapter 6. In addition, you will be able to access the Isle of Tim, a gaming hub populated by Tim, of the mysterious creatures. Not only that, the demo will give two people the opportunity to play at the same time thanks to local multiplayer. The Balan Wonderworld demo will be available from January 28, 2021 through all the official digital stores of the respective consoles and through Steam on PC. The demo will be available from midnight on Thursday 28 January on console, and from 18:00 on Thursday 28 January on Steam.

In local multiplayer mode, two players can explore the game world as protagonists Leo and Emma , combining the powers of different costumes to access new paths not available in the single player. To activate co-op mode, simply connect a second controller and press any command on it. Players will be able to collect Balan figurines in each level and access the hidden Balan's Bout mini-games. The demo will include three of the twelve worlds of Balan Wonderworld.

Let's find out together:

World 1 - The man who rages against the storm - Playable areas: First act, second act, clash with the boss

The first world is set on a beautiful farm, between rolling hills and giant crops. This mysterious world is born from the memories hidden in the heart of Jose Gallard, a farmer whose beautiful cornfield is hit by a storm. The boss who lurks in the depths of Jose's world is Lupedro, the embodiment of Jose's desperation after his cultivation is destroyed.

To complete this level, use different costumes, such as the Zompanguro which allows you to jump to places otherwise inaccessible, and the Viverde which can clear obstacles thanks to its powerful breath!

World 4 - The boy who wants to go hand in hand with the wind - Playable areas: First act

The fourth world is a fantastic scenario born from the heart of Chang Haoyu and his passion for open skies, where the sky is dotted with bicycle parts and floating islands.

Some useful costumes of this world are the Nubeeeh costume, which can float by inflating its soft fleece, and the Aerobata, able to fly across the sky and kick balloons and enemies!

World 6 - The girl and the kitten - Playable areas: First act

The sixth world tells the story of Cass Milligan and depicts the city where she met a cute kitten. This magical world, born from Cass Milligan's fondest memories, features treats, floating books and mysterious buildings full of moving gears.

Among the costumes that will help players solve their mysteries and unleash powerful attacks there is the Ing. Ranaggio costume, which can spin the gear on his stomach to activate machines, and the rocket-fisted Zuccboxer costume!

Players will also have access to the Isle of Tim, a area that serves as a base and a hub to the three mysterious worlds. Here, players will get to know the magical creatures called Tim, whose powerful abilities can aid Leo and Emma in their exploration of the worlds and battles against the Negates! On Tim Island it is also possible to collect magical drops from the colorful flower fields scattered around the island. Drops can be given to Tims to evolve their skills.

Balan Wonderworld will be available from March 26, 2021.

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