The videos of the assault on the Capitol on Parler were used to reconstruct the dynamics of the facts

The videos of the assault on the Capitol on Parler were used to reconstruct the dynamics of the facts

500 videos saved before the social network closed were analyzed and published by the ProPublica site to show what happened in Washington

(Photo by Lev Radin / Sipa USA) During the assault on the Capitol on January 6, hundreds of videos have been uploaded to the controversial social network Parler. Five hundred of these were collected, analyzed and sorted by the ProPublica investigative journalism network, which thus reconstructed the sequence of events and the unfolding of the riots.

Before Amazon web services took the platform offline, a computer scientist, using the scraping technique, he collected most of the footage of the January 6 assault. An archive of 80 terabytes, offered to the police and the FBI to identify those responsible for the riots.

Interactive timeline of the events of January 6 (image: ProPublica) ProPublica has decided to exploit this database to reconstruct the succession of events. The result is a chronology that allows the user to scroll through the timeline of events and watch the videos based on the location in which they were shot: around Washington; near Capitol Hill; inside the Capitol.

The collected events take place between 12 and 18 (local time) on January 6 and show how the situation has degenerated after the speech given by outgoing President Donald Trump. For ProPublica these videos "taken together, provide one of the most complete recordings of a dark event in American history through the eyes of those who took part." However, as not all footage was saved before Parler closed, reporters acknowledge that there are still some blind spots in the reconstruction that need to be shed light on.

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