Anker, new MagSafe accessories and Thunderbolt 4 docks announced at CES 2021

Anker, new MagSafe accessories and Thunderbolt 4 docks announced at CES 2021
Popular accessory maker Anker announced a new series of MagSafe compatible accessories for Apple's iPhone 12 smartphone series at CES 2021. Among these we find charging docks for iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. In addition, a new Thunderbolt 4 dock for the latest laptops was unveiled.

Anker has announced the arrival of a pair of extremely interesting accessories for those deeply attached to Apple's mobile product ecosystem. The new PowerWave 3-in-1 charging station realizes the shattered dream of those who expected from Apple the elusive AirCharger, announced by the Cupertino company and never arrived on the market, proposing in a single product a solution for charging the iPhone 12 and all the main accessories.

Anker PowerWave 3-in-1 has a MagSafe magnetic stand on which to place your iPhone for charging, while the lower part of the station is reserved for Apple Watch and a other device equipped with Qi wireless charging. The wireless charging station is obviously for your beloved AirPods but can be safely used for other compatible products.

The other variant of this elegant and useful accessory from Anker has a 10,000mAh powerbank, so you can never run dry, even if you intend to spend a night away from the charger. These two models will sell for $ 160 and $ 200 respectively when available for purchase in March of this year.

Anker has also thought about protecting the iPhone 12 product family, with a range of compatible magnetic cases with Apple's official MagSafe accessories. They will be available in a variety of colors and will be available for purchase at a starting price of $ 21.

It's not just the iPhone in Anker's thoughts during this CES. The company has announced a Thunderbolt 4 dock that will arrive on the market in February and which will boast interesting features:

Charging laptops up to 85W File transfer up to 40Gbps Single display connection up to 8K @ 30Hz or dual display up to 4K @ 60Hz The dock will prove extremely useful to those who own a latest generation laptop and want to create a workstation that can be connected to it via a single cable.

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