Techly, wall mounts for monitors and TVs of all sizes

Techly, wall mounts for monitors and TVs of all sizes
Techly wants to help you order not only your desks but also the area dedicated to the most important entertainment product in the living room. Techly's wall mounts for monitors and TVs are suitable for every type of need and will allow you to free up the precious space usually occupied by bulky TV stands on the furniture, with versatile, comfortable and incredibly priced solutions!

Starting with the smallest product in the single-arm mounts collection, the ICA-PLB 400STY wall bracket is capable of holding monitors with diagonals ranging from 13 ″ -42 ″ and a maximum weight of 20kg. The VESA-type attachment is adjustable from 75x75mm up to 200x200mm, ensuring compatibility with many different models of monitors and televisions. The arm is extendable up to 190mm and allows the display to be tilted from + 5 ° to -12 ° on the horizontal axis, while it can rotate freely by 180 ° on the vertical axis.

If you need more freedom of movement for your screen, the ICA-PLB 400DTY wall bracket maintains the excellent characteristics of the previous model, however it replaces the arm with a 3-joint version which allows an extension ranging from 60 to 273 mm. Both models come with cable clips that allow for clean and tidy cable management.

Does your TV have a diagonal greater than 42 ″? ICA-PLB 136E is the right product for you! Able to withstand a maximum weight of 30kg, the wall bracket in question can accommodate monitors and televisions with a diagonal between 32 "and 55". The VESA support adjustable between 100x100mm and 400x400mm guarantees compatibility with the vast majority of devices currently on the market.

Connected to this support, the TV can tilt from + 3 ° to -10 ° and rotate horizontally by 180 °. The bracket with three-joint arm allows you to keep the TV at a maximum distance of 422mm from the wall, with a minimum of 62mm.

You can find these three products at prices below 25 euros on the dedicated page in the e -commerce di Techly.

Curved or large TV? Techly double-arm products are definitely for you! For example, ICA-PLB 344STY will allow you to hang screens with diagonals ranging from 32 "to 55" on the wall, as long as the maximum weight is less than 40kg. With an adjustable distance from the wall between 53mm and 464mm, a freedom of inclination that varies between + 5 ° / -15 ° and the possibility to rotate the direction of the TV at an angle ranging from -60 ° to + 60 °, it is in can (literally) adjust to your needs.

We think so: the bigger the TV, the better the entertainment. Why stop at 55 ″? Techly has also thought about those who have a TV with extremely generous dimensions. ICA-PLB 344LTY is able to hold up to 40kg of weight. However, thanks also to the VESA attachment with a maximum size of 600x400mm, it can accommodate products with a diagonal ranging between 37 "and 70". It shares the rest of the excellent features with the previous model, allowing you to freely orient the screen that will be installed on the support as you prefer.

For those who want only the best, Techly has thought of two truly extreme and capable products. to support devices of important weight.

ICA-PLB 3646 holds up to 50kg of weight, with a VESA connection adjustable up to the size 400x400mm and a guaranteed compatibility for diagonals between 32 "and 55". The peculiarity of this double arm support is that it can level the rotation of the display from -3 ° to + 3 °. Obviously there is no lack of adjustments from + 10 ° to -20 ° of inclination and from -60 ° to + 60 ° in rotation on the vertical axis and the extension of the double arm up to 510mm.

At the heavyweights ICA-PLB 180L takes care of it: with its load capacity of up to 80kg and the VESA mount adjustable up to 900x600mm, this double-arm bracket is ready to withstand even the weight of older and more generously sized TVs. It can accommodate TVs with a maximum diagonal of 100 "and allows you to level the TV from -4 ° to + 4 ° even after installation. The arm that holds the television at a minimum distance of 125mm from the wall is extendable up to 535mm and allows all possible adjustments like the previous product!

Techly has collected these wall brackets in a dedicated page, so to allow you to compare them and choose the most suitable for you!

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