Intel, here are the specifications of the Rocket Lake and Comet Lake Refresh CPUs

Intel, here are the specifications of the Rocket Lake and Comet Lake Refresh CPUs
Chinese publication ijiandao (as spotted by Harukaze5719) shared the general specs of the upcoming Intel Rocket Lake and Comet Lake Refresh processors. Apparently, both families will belong to the Santa Clara company's 11th generation of CPU cores.

ijiandao Rocket Lake, the interesting between the two, will be equipped with Cypress Cove cores made on the 14nm production node and integrated graphics Xe. Like AMD, Intel has promised two-digit instruction-per-cycle (IPC) improvements. Apparently, according to some benchmarks leaked on the net, it seems that this could be true. However, Rocket Lake's multi-core performance still remains to be seen as the new chips will consist of at most eight cores, a step down from Comet Lake which could offer up to two more cores. In addition, Rocket Lake will finally introduce PCI Express 4.0 support.

Intel Rocket Lake Specifications

Processor Cores / Threads L3 Cache (MB) Graphics (EUs) TDP (W) Core i9-11900K 8/16 16 32 125 Core i9-11900 8/16 16 32 65 Core i9-11900T 8/16 16 32 35 Core i7-11700K 8/16 16 32 125 Core i7-11700 8/16 16 32 65 Core i7-11700T 8/16 16 32 35 Core i5-11600K 6/12 12 32 125 Core i5-11600 6/12 12 32 65 Core i5-11600T 6/12 12 32 35 Core i5-11500 6/12 12 32 65 Core i5-11500T 6/12 12 32 35 Core i5-11400 6/12 12 24 65 Core i5-11400T 6/12 12 24 35 According to the Chinese publication, the Rocket Lake Core i9 and Core i7 models will feature eight cores, sixteen threads and 16MB L cache 3. Aside from TDP, operating frequencies will be the main differentiator between processors. Therefore, you can buy an unlocked Core i7 and, if you're lucky, overclock it to the same specs as the more expensive Core i9 model. Instead, the Core i5 chips will retain the six-core, 12-thread configuration with 12MB of L3 cache.

From a graphic point of view, Rocket Lake processors will use Intel's Xe solution, but the number of Execution Units (EU) will vary by processor. If the disclosed information turns out to be true, the Core i9, Core i7 and most Core i5s will have 32 EUs: Core i5-11400 and Core i5-11400T are the only models limited to 24 EUs. So far, there is no evidence that points to the publication of models belonging to the F series, therefore without an iGPU on board.

Intel Comet Lake Refresh specifications

Processor Cores / Threads L3 Cache ( MB) Graphics (EUs) TDP (W) Core i3-11100 4/8 6 24 65 Core i3-11100T 4/8 6 24 35 Core i3-11300 4/8 8 24 65 Core i3-11300T 4/8 8 24 35 Core i3-11320 4/8 8 24 65 According to the data, Intel may not market any Rocket Lake Core i3, Pentium or Celeron models. The publication claims that the Comet Lake Refresh chips will retain the same core and thread specs, albeit with higher clock rates. For the Core i3 models we can expect improvements ranging from 200MHz to 300MHz, while entry-level Pentium and Celeron components will only receive a limited upgrade ranging from 100MHz to 200MHz.

Two different graphics solutions are mentioned for Comet Lake Refresh. UHD Graphics 630 will offer 24EU, while UHD Graphics 610 will be limited to 12EU.

Whether it's Rocket Lake or Comet Lake Refresh, the processors will work fine on current LGA1200 motherboards with Intel 400 series chipset In the case of Rocket Lake, some motherboards already come with all the necessary circuitry for PCIe 4.0, so there will be no need to upgrade. However, Intel will likely introduce 500 series motherboards made specifically for Rocket Lake.

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