Hasbro Daredevil - Marvel Comics Spider-Man: review

Hasbro Daredevil - Marvel Comics Spider-Man: review
Hasbro Daredevil takes the forms of what was born as Devil, a blind superhero, very fascinating and very particular. It is part of the Marvel Comics Spider-Man line and offers a series of characters in a blister that is very reminiscent of old toys.

The character

Mattew “Matt” Murdock, Daredevil for friends and not, he is the protagonist of a comic series created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, hosted in many crossovers that have seen him fight alongside heroes of the caliber of Iron-Man, Silver Surfer, Hulk and, of course, Spider -Man.

His “superhero” story begins when, as a boy, a radioactive substance falls on his eyes from the wreckage of a car. This liquid takes away his sight but amplifies his senses beyond human possibility. Trained in martial arts by Stick, the same martial arts master of Elektra (with whom he will share more than lessons), he becomes a warrior and fights evil without fear. In his civil life he becomes a lawyer and often dedicates himself to the defense of those who cannot afford a lawyer, especially if he is honest.

The Action Figure

Hasbro Daredevil is a special figure for various reasons. First it is dedicated to a disabled superhero; second represents Daredevil in one of his most beautiful costumes, which went down in history as Armored Daredevil. This red and black costume, with metal-colored inserts, features a high level of protection for Matt, and was used by our hero to fight against Hellspawn in issue 321.

This particular suit makes Matt much heavier than usual and allows him to better withstand enemy blows and integrates his two-part stick integrated into his bracelets.

Inside the Hasbro Daredevil package (which as usual will disintegrate when the figure is freed from its plastic shell) we also find some extras: an additional head, the modular stick divided into two parts, a pair of bracelets and two hands posed to grab the stick.

Between the two heads we definitely prefer the masked one for the tough look than the one without a costume. Not that the "civilian" one is not done well, but the big red glasses certainly do not contribute to making our hero mysterious.

Sculpture and pose

The sculptural technique of Hasbro designers, excellent as always, it makes Daredevil one of the best made models of the Comics series dedicated to Spider-Man. The muscular masses, the design of the suit, the sculpture of the head and hands are meticulously cared for as is the painting of the figures.

The body shapes and reinforcements of the armor of Hasbro Daredevil are however not of obstacle in guaranteeing our hero 6 inches tall (more or less) an excellent posability thanks to the 30 joints and the use of Hasbro Pinless technology. The legs give the sensation of power and speed, two of the main characteristics of Daredevil's fighting style.

Hasbro Daredevil also does not escape the lotus habit and is perfectly able to maintain the pose without any problem . The feet are sturdy and the structure of the legs allows the figure to remain in balance even in the case of dynamic poses, perhaps playing with the balance of the accessory parts.


Hasbro Daredevil of Marvel Comics Spider-Man series is a very good quality figure and makes a perfect addition to your collection of wave characters dedicated to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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