Cyberpunk 2077: Earn Money Fast - Tips for many Eddies

Cyberpunk 2077: Earn Money Fast - Tips for many Eddies
Earn money fast in Cyberpunk 2077? With our tips for quick eddies, you can pay off your debts with Viktor or invest in new cyberware. Regardless of whether it is the main mission or the secondary task, you should take all the loot with you. Especially weapons or armor that you can no longer use, you turn into money at dealers. Alternatively, you dismantle these items to collect upgrade materials. In this guide, however, we focus on the fast Euro dollars so that you can stay flexible in some main quests - sometimes you bribe NPCs to get information.

Data mining via breach protocol hack

Currently there is also a glitch that can flush coal into V's pockets almost unlimitedly. We also leave this out here, as Night City offers enough opportunities to get to Eddies quickly. We have already explained to you in a separate article how hacking via the Breach Protocol works in Cyberpunk 2077. You get the Quickhack Ping for this in the first hours of the game in the quest The Gift. This shows access points on the Night City map to which you can connect your cyberware. In addition to crafting components, you also extract Eurodollars with a breach hack. With the Perk Improved Data Mining (intelligence, breach protocol) you increase the output to Eddies for each of the hacks. Sometimes laptops also serve as access points in missions, which you should definitely loot.

Do blue NCPD tasks

During the NCPD tasks you do a few crooks, get the reward and sell the loot. Source: PC Games The small blue icons (baseball bat, skull or question mark) lead you to events of the Night City Police Department. Here you can get rewards for helping the cops in Cyberpunk 2077 (buy now € 54.89). Most of the time you take out a group of villains, loot them as well - sometimes for evidence - and get lots of Eddies as a reward. These little mini-missions do not take long and offer you a change between the missions in the game. Over 150 such NCPD events await you in Night City. Make sure you use this to top up your Eurodollar account.

Gigs as a source of money

Smaller mini jobs are called gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 and just as quickly deliver you a few Eddies. You see yellow question marks on the map of the game world. You control these and do the respective tasks quickly and discreetly. As soon as you approach a question mark, you will receive a call from a fixer in the area who asks you for quick help. If you continue playing the main mission, you will receive more fixers and more gigs. At the same time you also loot corpses or boxes while you do the gigs. So you get some weapons that - if you don't need them - you can sell them straight away. Sometimes you also hack your way into a PC and dust off 10,000 Eddies.

Loot everything & make money

Whether forays through the city or missions, you should every corpse as well as every one Scan the box for loot. Grab weapons, armor and more. For a lot of money you look for a dealer who will buy the stuff from you. But be careful, your inventory is filling up. Your inventory will fill up quickly. With Perk you ensure that scrap items are dismantled instantly. Source: PC Games quickly and you can no longer move. Here you simply dismantle heavy weapons or equipment. Nice side effect: You get crafting and upgrade components. With a perk in the tech area you can even increase the yield of rare materials. In the athletics tree of Constitution you can still train pack mules to be able to carry more loot. Some mods in clothing also increase the carrying capacity.

If your street credibility increases, opponents drop better items. You then sell these at retailers at significantly higher prices. If the traders run out of money, move to another part of the city to turn your loot into money at other traders. After 24 hours you will return and the trader you trust has capital again. With maximized carrying capacity and breach protocol perks, you can collect lots of loot and money from access points. Between side or main missions, it is worth taking a short detour to the streets of Night City to fill your bank account.

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