Cashback already works for 3.6 million Italians

Cashback already works for 3.6 million Italians
This morning's data show that 3.6 million Italians have already fully active the State Cashback provided by the Cashless Italia Plan. Overall, 6.2 million payment instruments are registered (therefore about 2 for each user). The numbers reflect a pace destined to grow steadily: the problems of the first few hours seem to have been overcome at this point and, given the substantial improbability of new bottlenecks linked to a strong simultaneous influx of users, cashback will now be able to flow regularly.

The cashback numbers

As per our verifications, from today the first virtual cashbacks are registered by the IO app and only after reaching the 10 valid transactions can they be considered as hard cash destined to arrive on your IBAN in the form of a refund.

The numbers are still substantial right now, so that within a few days it will be possible to reach over 10 million Italians active in cashless payments with active refund:

Only via the IO app around 3.5 million credit cards and more than 1.7 million PagoBANCOMAT cards were activated for Cashback. To which are added approximately 990 thousand payment instruments registered through the systems made available by the other operators in the sector (the so-called “Affiliated Issuers”).

The controversies are destined to fade as the reimbursements will counterbalance the indignation of those who in the first hours found themselves unable to activate the service, as well as to tempt those who would rather give up cashback by virtue of a childish battle against the "strong powers". In fact, what did not work until a few hours ago due to the overload of registration operations of payment instruments in the early hours, now seems to work without further significant hitches. The real cashback journey, which will end on June 30, 2022, therefore actually starts today and will be built on new incoming payment tools, increased app downloads and constant monitoring of affected tools:

On the IO app, which reached 8.6 million downloads, the inefficiencies in loading credit cards in the “Portfolio” section of the app were significantly reduced. So much so that since last night over half a million credit cards have been registered on IO. The technicians are working to constantly monitor any further inconvenience.

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