Charcoal Barbecue | The best of 2023

Charcoal Barbecue | The best of 2023

After having created a buying guide dedicated to barbecues (which you will find attached after this paragraph), in which we have focused on the various types available on the market and giving specific advice on which model is right for you, it is time to go deeper the models belonging to a single category, so that you can be even more aware and make a targeted purchase, fully satisfying your needs. Below we will therefore only talk about charcoal barbecues, among the most popular options for outdoor cooking, as well as a culinary tradition that has its roots in American culture.

Read also: Barbecue | The best of 2023 As we have seen with masonry, electric and gas barbecues, not all are the same. Regardless of price, some may boast advanced features for added convenience and versatility, while others may be designed to offer even cooking and unmatched ease of use. In this regard, we immediately anticipate that charcoal barbecues are in turn divided into table ones, with support base and with trolley.

As it should be, in our buying guide we will report some of the most interesting models of each type, so that you can be sure that you are buying a valid model regardless of your style or practicality preferences. In short, whether you are a barbecue enthusiast or a simple beginner looking for a quality model, this guide will be of great help to you, also because in the second part (which we will update periodically) we will delve into the various aspects you should consider when buying a barbecue charcoal.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we would like to underline that the models listed below are available on the main e-commerce sites, so you won't have to waste whole days looking for a store that sells these models. Having said that, happy reading and hopefully happy shopping, then waiting to use your new charcoal barbecue in the coming summer.

The best charcoal barbecues

Uten | Tabletop LotusGrill Small Compact | Outsunny tabletop | With Activia Bavaria base | With Weber Compact Kettle base | To Cart Tepro 1164 Toronto Click 2019 | To cart

Uten | Table

Let's start by proposing a couple of table charcoal barbecues, i.e. those without a real support base. The absence of the latter allows them not only to be compact, but also to be placed on a table or on the floor. With its thousands of positive reviews, Uten's proposal is among the most interesting with regard to this type of barbecue, which boasts a completely reinforced stainless steel structure and a folding grill. The dimensions of 35 x 24 cm allow you to organize outdoor barbecues for up to 4 people, while the weight of less than 2 kg allows you to move it from one place to another effortlessly. In short, a perfect model for small events in the garden, on the terrace or when camping.

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LotusGrill Small Compact | For table

The LotusGrill Small Compact will be appreciated not only for its compact dimensions, which also make it light and therefore easy to move, but also for an active ventilation system, which could prove useful during certain moments of cooking. In fact, this model has a fan, which can be powered with simple batteries, with a power outlet or even with a power bank. A very versatile barbecue therefore, with excellent workmanship and a large surface, suitable for organizing barbecues for up to 4 people. The charcoal can be refilled at any time and the burning time varies according to the quality of the charcoal, therefore it can last from a minimum of 40 to a maximum of 90 minutes.

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Outsunny | With a tabletop

If you prefer a charcoal barbecue with a tabletop, this model from Outsunny is the one that will meet your needs at a reasonable price. As it is easy to see from the structure, the grill is supported by a series of folding legs in stainless steel, the material of which the entire barbecue is made, allowing it to withstand temperatures up to 400 ℃. Outsunny's proposal also boasts precautions relating to prevention against deformation, corrosion and rust. On the cooking side, it is good to point out the two side shelves for keeping objects in order, a charcoal grate and a plate for frying. In short, in addition to a good charcoal barbecue you will also have some of the essential accessories to start grilling right away.

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Activia Bavaria | With support base

Another charcoal barbecue that will be appreciated for its excellent and elegant support base is the Activia Bavaria. Unlike many other solutions that rely on folding legs, this model convinces with its column shape, which consists of a single but large vertical support base completely in stainless steel, the material of which the entire structure is made. Although it does not cost as much as you might think, the Activia Bavaria also has an integrated ventilation regulator, which guarantees optimal regulation of the air supply, for excellent cooking of food. Finally, with the wooden handles on the grate, the height of the grate can be adjusted to make best use of the height of the embers.

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Weber Compact Kettle | Cart

With the Weber Compact Kettle we are heading towards the end of this buying guide. In this case we are dealing with a trolley charcoal barbecue, i.e. all those models which, in addition to having a stable support base, integrate a series of wheels to facilitate transport and a lid, useful for those who prefer a more slow. Furthermore, the presence of the lid ensures that the grill is better protected after use. Usually we find steel among the main materials, but the Weber Compact Kettle boasts a porcelain-coated lid and pot, as well as fiberglass-reinforced nylon duroplast handles. A product of excellent workmanship, as demonstrated by the three-layer nickel chrome grille and, for this reason, one of the best sellers ever.

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Tepro 1164 Toronto Click 2019 | To cart

We finish the product selection by suggesting you buy the Tepro 1164 Toronto Click 2019, to date one of the most versatile charcoal barbecues available on the market. The materials are of high quality, including the grille, which is enamelled and removable. The cooking surface is 56 x 41 cm, dimensions sufficient to cook a good quantity of food in one go. You will then be helped by the practical folding side shelf, on which to place objects that may be needed during cooking. In short, if you want the best, play it safe with the Tepro 1164 Toronto Click 2019, however at the cost of spending over 200 euros.

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How to choose a charcoal barbecue

At the end of this buying guide, it is necessary to specify how we chose the barbecues in question. First, we ranked all the products by selling price, starting from the least expensive to the most expensive. Afterwards, we selected those which on the one hand guarantee good structural solidity and on the other hand excellent characteristics, such as portability. In summary, the characteristics to look for are:

Use Maintenance Structural solidity Excellent quality/price ratio Accessories Type of cooking


A charcoal barbecue is simply the barbecue par excellence, and perhaps that closer to grill lovers. On the one hand we have some defects, such as the impossibility of controlling the operating temperature during its use (defect that can be controlled by purchasing a thermometer, almost always sold separately). In any case, it is very simple to use and involves using charcoal to light the embers and start cooking a wide range of foods.


Maintenance is one of the most difficult tasks for those who own a charcoal barbecue, since it is necessary to clean the tank containing the coals and the grill. For this reason, such a product also requires great maintenance over time, otherwise various hygienic risks are incurred, both for the grill and for the surrounding cooking area.

Structural solidity

One of the most important points in choosing a barbecue is its structural solidity, because not all products on the market boast a strong and durable structure over time. Suffice it to say that most products tend to get damaged with mediocre use, and therefore in this guide we have selected only those in stainless steel.

Value for money

Value for money /price is one of the essential aspects when selecting a product to buy. Not all of them boast good construction quality at a decidedly competitive price, and for this reason you must only choose products with good technical characteristics, respecting your wallet.


Some barbecues are sold together to other accessories, such as tools. This is a plus that should not be underestimated since it allows you to save some money.

Type of cooking

We conclude this buying guide with a flourish by informing you about the different types of cooking of a barbecue . Basically there are three types, namely:

Charcoal BBQ, the subject of this buying guide. It is, as we have been able to ascertain, the traditional article, the cheapest and most standard one there is. Take advantage of the charcoal to cook dishes and constant maintenance is required, otherwise you run the risk of structural damage and so on. Electric BBQ. Electric BBQs represent those new generation products, as they use electricity to heat a plate and consequently cook the food. Compared to the other types, it requires little maintenance, however there is a difference in the taste of the meat, which is "untraditional", given that it does not generate smoke. Gas BBQ. We are talking about a class of products which, unlike charcoal or electric ones, connect to the gas network in order to generate a flame and therefore cook meat, fish and much more. They are expensive and the price also depends on the type of gas they use, methane or LPG. Masonry BBQ. The last, not in order of importance, are the built-in barbecues which, compared to the products offered previously, differ in the type of structure, while maintaining charcoal, gas or electric cooking.

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