WhatsApp: how to create custom stickers

WhatsApp: how to create custom stickers


Stickers are one of the most popular features of WhatsApp by users: in a few seconds, both in the mobile version and in the Web version, it is possible to send stickers that express different moods or reactions in conversations. However, not everyone knows that it is also possible to create your own personalized WhatsApp stickers: for the moment this process is managed through third-party applications, but there are very interesting news on the way. Let's see them together.

Coming soon: in-app custom WhatsApp stickers

The famous leaker of news related to the world of technology Mukul Sharma has however detected in the beta of WhatsApp an internal feature of the app that allows you to create personalized stickers. The news, initially disclosed in the 91mobiles newspaper, reported a single image, a button that allows you to insert your photos in the section dedicated to stickers.

At the moment the custom sticker creation tool is only available in the WhatsApp beta for Android, but the implementation in the final version for both mobile operating systems is realistically planned for the near future.

WhatsApp to get 'create your own stickers' feature soon, spotted in beta. https://t.co/37KWUM2WBL pic.twitter.com/8UiKCgtTP6

- Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings) November 24, 2021

Creating personalized stickers with WhatsApp Web

If you use WhatsApp Web from your desktop, there is even better news: it is already possible to use this new feature to create and immediately share your personalized stickers even starting from an ongoing conversation. We have therefore tested it for you.

Once the image has been selected , the procedure is extremely intuitive: you will have to cut it to fit the standard dimensions of the stickers, after which you can add lines of text, other images and decorations in different colors. WhatsApp also makes it possible to cancel the operations made in the event of an error.

Once the creation of the sticker has been completed, just press the send button to insert it directly into the conversation in progress. In this regard, we strongly suggest that you pay attention to the content of the personalized stickers that you will create with this tool: in any case, it is better to give vent to your creativity within a group of friends than in business conversations!

Third-party app for WhatsApp stickers

For the moment the only way forward for those who use WhatsApp from their smartphone and are not an app developer is to create their own package of personalized stickers using a third-party application, downloadable from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. These are the most popular applications for creating sticker packages:

WeMoji | Android Sticker Maker Studio | iOS Sticker Maker | Android Sticker.ly | iOS These applications, in addition to allowing you to download existing sticker packs, have a very similar operation to each other as regards the creation of personalized stickers in a few simple steps starting from a series of images.

Install the app on your smartphone and select the option to create a new sticker pack; Give the app permission to access the camera and gallery in order to extract the necessary images; Select the image you need from the gallery; Cut it out and, if the app allows it, cut it out to make the background transparent; On some apps there is also an option to add text: if necessary, complete your sticker in this way; Save your changes and name your custom sticker pack.

It is not possible to create a single personalized sticker through these applications, since WhatsApp allows you to upload only packages of 3 or more images to your platform. To complete your package you will then have to repeat the procedure with at least two other images of your choice.

Once you have finished your package of personalized stickers, it is time to add it to WhatsApp using the appropriate button: once selected "Add", the package will be available within the app and you can add your personalized stickers to conversations.

If you want to share your new package of personalized WhatsApp stickers with other users, just do it directly from app you used to create them, select the Share option and choose the contact or group that will receive it.

Guidelines for WhatsApp stickers

Although the ability to create Personalized stickers directly in-app will make this procedure more immediate, you will surely want your stickers to be displayed correctly by your recipients. For this reason, WhatsApp has released some guidelines in the Help Center originally designed for developers and designers, but which now, with some changes, can be useful to everyone.

Stickers are images in .png format: it is better to create them with a transparent background, even if it is not essential; The stickers will be displayed on different types of background: to make them more visible it is advisable to add a white line (#FFFFFF) a few pixels wide on the outside of each sticker; Finally, it is always advisable to leave a fairly small margin between the end of the sticker and the outline of the designated area: if this margin is too large, the sticker will be displayed in a smaller size. Display with 120Hz refresh rate and 5G connectivity at an incredible price: Realme 7 5G is now on offer on Amazon.

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