The deal between Activision and Microsoft is sending communities into a tailspin

The deal between Activision and Microsoft is sending communities into a tailspin

The possible acquisition of Activision by Microsoft and the possibility that Call of Duty ends up in the hands of the Redmond giant is sending communities into a tailspin and proves, once again, that the video game audience is not yet ready for such discussions. A tweet from Ricardo Cardoso, who works at Bruxeless and for the European Union, has given us proof of how the players (but also some journalists) are not able to openly discuss this deal, dividing themselves into real fans. .

Yesterday, Cardoso posted a twitter concerning the acquisition of Activision and Microsoft. "The Commission is working to make sure you can play Call of Duty on other consoles (including my PlayStation)." Provocation? No, simple irony, because the post continues, making fun of the European Commission itself for choosing the head image of the press release that announced more in-depth investigations into this deal. “Other things we need to do: update our stock images. These two have a wired controller, but Xbox and PlayStation have been using wireless pads since 2006 ".

A storm of unimaginable dimensions has hit Cardoso, sparked by the idea that there are some strange things in Europe bias. In fact, Carodoso intervened later, explaining that he has nothing to do with the acquisition and that all his tweets are actually personal points of view. And then he must, incredibly, reiterate the obvious, which is that "all decisions of the commission will be made based on the law and on facts".

The Commission is working to ensure that you will still be able to play Call of Duty on other consoles (including my Playstation). Also on our to do list: update stock pictures. These gamers have wired controllers whereas Xbox and Playstation have wireless ones since about 2006!

- Ricardo Cardoso (@RCardosoEU) November 8, 2022

The European Union, as well as the CMA, are obliged to investigate this deal in depth. And all doubts are obviously more than legitimate, but this must not entitle players, communities and obviously those who take advantage of it to make console warfare to taunt, attack and even insult those who try to make a single joke on social media. And this latest fact shows us that there is still a long way to go in educating the public in this sector.

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