Oppo Reno8 vs Oppo Reno8 Pro: which one to choose?

Oppo Reno8 vs Oppo Reno8 Pro: which one to choose?

Oppo Reno8 vs Oppo Reno8 Pro

Are you undecided on which smartphone to buy from the brand new Oppo Reno8 Series? Do you want to know which of the two new latest generation Oppo smartphones is the most suitable for your needs and do you feel the need for help? Here is our direct comparison at Oppo, with Reno8 challenging Reno8 Pro, to allow you to objectively evaluate the differences (aesthetic, performance and more) in order to buy the best smartphone for you.

Design at the center, with size dictating the watershed

Oppo's efforts and investments for the Reno device family are more evident than ever in the Oppo Reno8 series. The years of development and planning by the company in the design and treatment of materials have culminated in two smartphones with a unique and refined look.

The square lines are the protagonists both in Oppo Reno8 that in the respective Pro variant, with a dimensional difference that sees the "basic" variant with more compact dimensions, without this aspect affecting the care and treatment of the materials themselves, of the highest level precisely for both proposals.

Great attention to the design of the camera block, the true protagonist of the aesthetic aspect of the new Oppo smartphones. In fact, the photographic porthole embraces the new stylistic course seen on the Oppo Find X5 Pro, bringing design elements to the Reno family for the first time that until now had been exclusive to the Find family, such as the monobloc glass body.

Oppo's choice to opt for a flat front glass for the displays of the new Reno8 Series smartphones is of great interest, always remaining in the field of design and constructive care. This element, emphasized more on the Pro variant equipped with front frame optimization, ensures that users never have to worry about the famous “accidental touches” in any context, thus combining a design theme with the functionality of everyday use.

Technical details, with differences to appreciate if you are a "Pro" user

Said of a design sector where similarities rather than differences reign supreme, Reno8 and Reno8 Pro share extreme care and there are only slight improvements for the more valuable variant (in addition of course to the size of the displays, respectively from 6.4 "and 6.7" to mark the clearest difference). We begin to see the first more tangible differences in the reading and analysis of the technical data sheet.

Attention, however, because if, as per logical expectations, it is to the Pro variant that the company has reserved the best performances on paper, in practice, these differences may not necessarily be so incisive for all types of users. In fact, unlike many competitors, Oppo has decided with this new Oppo Reno8 Series to offer a first-rate technological set, even in the "basic" model, with power and multimedia capabilities capable of meeting the needs of the vast majority of users. , destroying the common feeling according to which only the "Pro" variants should be recommended.

Analyzing in the first instance the displays of these two smartphones, for example, it is immediately evident how the technical differences, albeit obviously present and with the balance clearly in favor of Reno8 Pro, are focused on offering something more to a niche of demanding customers (see for example the 120Hz refresh against only the 90Hz of Reno8), grafting however on an excellent starting point, above the market average.

Continuing the reading of the technical data we arrive at the processor chapter, with the choice of MediaTek, common to the two models, albeit with two different anti different from those made available by the chip-maker. Also in this case the presence of an already very powerful and reactive basic processor such as the Reno8 Dimensity 1300 manages to reduce the gap with the, albeit obviously more performing, Dimensity 8100-Max present on Reno8 Pro.

Regarding the chip, however, a distinction must be made, with the MariSilicon X image co-processor, seen in operation for the first time at the beginning of the year on the devices of the Find X5 family, exclusive to Reno8 Pro . Although, as we will see shortly, the photographic compartments are identical on paper, this aspect contributes to the higher level of the Pro variant, which thus becomes a reference point for all those looking for a more professional approach to mobile photography, being able to count on of a discounted option compared to the current top of the range Oppo Find X5.

As mentioned above, however, the presence of a photographic sector equipped with the same data and sensors helps to strengthen the similarities between these two models , with excellent potential even in the multimedia sector.

Both smartphones also share the 32MP front camera for selfies, with an RGBW sensor capable of capturing an incredible amount of light and immortalizing clear and detailed selfies.

The battery and charging system is also shared: both Oppo Reno8s have a 4500mAh cell, more than enough to face every day ta, and SuperVOOC fast charging with 80W of maximum power!

Comparison of technical data sheets

Oppo Reno8 5G Oppo Reno8 Pro 5G Dimensions 160.0 x 73 , 4 x 7.67 mm - 179 g

161.2 x 74.2 x 7.3 mm - 183 g Screen 6.4 ", AMOLED Full HD (90Hz) 6.7", AMOLED Full HD (120Hz) Processor MediaTek Dimensity 1300 MediaTek Dimensity 8100-Max

NPU MariSilicon X

Memory 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM Main Media Compartment | 50MP IMX766, 1 / 1.56 ″, 1.0μm, f / 1.8, FOV 86 °, 7P lens, AF, 23mm equivalent Ultra wide camera | 8MP IMX355, 1/4 ″ 1.12μm, f / 2.2, FOV 112 °, 5P lens, 16mm equivalent Macro camera | 2MP GC02M1, 1/5 ″, 1.75 μm, f / 2.4, FOV 89 °, 3P lens, 22mm equivalent

Front Camera | 32MP IMX709, 1 / 2.74 ", 0.8μm, f / 2.4, FOV 85 °, 5P, FF, 23mm equivalent lens Main | 50MP IMX766, 1 / 1.56 ″, 1.0μm, f / 1.8, FOV 86 °, 7P lens, AF, 23mm equivalent, all pixel omni-directional PDAF, dual native ISO

Ultra wide camera | 8MP IMX355, 1/4 ″ 1.12μm, f / 2.2, FOV 112 °, 5P lens, 16mm equivalent Macro camera | 2MP GC02M1, 1/5 ″, 1.75 μm, f / 2.4, FOV 89 °, 3P lens, 22mm equivalent

Front Camera | 32MP IMX709, 1 / 2.74 ″, 0.8μm, f / 2.4, FOV 90 °, 5P lens, Auto Focus

Battery 4500mAh - 80W SuperVOOC 4500mAh - 80W SuperVOOC Operating System ColorOS 12.1 - Android 12 ColorOS 12.1 - Android 12

Which one to choose between Oppo Reno8 and Oppo Reno8 Pro

From our examination it is therefore evident how the differences between these two variants are present in a small number, with a Reno8 proposal equipped with absolutely interesting data and important.

If you are more demanding users, attentive to "professional" quality and details, the technical data sheet of Oppo Reno8 Pro is able to offer almost no limitations compared to the even higher range proposals, with display , multitasking performance and photographic sector as an absolute protagonist of the market.

Attention therefore, more than to general performance, to dimensions and portability combined with the differences linked to the MariSilicon X image processor, a true element of technical differentiation.

Dov and buy Oppo Reno8 or Reno8 Pro at the best price?

Oppo Reno8 - 8GB RAM / 256GB user memory | 599.99 euro Oppo Reno8 Pro - 8GB RAM / 256GB user memory | 799.99 euros

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