Microsoft and Activision: The EU works to ensure that Call of Duty remains on PlayStation

Microsoft and Activision: The EU works to ensure that Call of Duty remains on PlayStation

Microsoft and Activision

The European Commission is working to ensure that Call of Duty is also playable on other consoles, namely PlayStation, according to a tweet from a spokesperson for the supranational body that is following the case of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by of Microsoft.

The tweet comes from Ricardo Cardoso, Deputy Head of Unit Interinstitutional & Outreach Views of the European Commission, as well as its spokesperson and specialized in antitrust issues, who reported precisely , which the Commission is working on to allow Call of Duty to be playable on other consoles "including my PlayStation", as reported by Cardoso himself.

The tweet has a rather informal tone, as it then makes fun of the image used by the same official account of the EU Competition which shows two players equipped with wired controllers, which is absolutely anachronistic. However, the cut of the comment and the specific reference to the fact that it is a PlayStation user has certainly not gone unnoticed and has sparked considerable controversy in the comments, considering the position that the person holds in a supranational body called to decide on the fate of the 'acquisition.

What is contested by various users in the answers is that the object of the European Commission's investigation should concern the safeguarding of the market and all users from the possible risks of a monopoly position, not just safeguarding of PlayStation users from a possible lack of Call of Duty. The fact that he wanted to specify that he was one of these users was immediately targeted for more or less valid criticisms.

However, beyond the controversy and the tone of the tweet, one more time, how the subject of the dispute is essentially the need to keep Call of Duty cross-platform, which presumably will be the focus of the entire discussion. Considering also what was reported by the spokesperson of the European Commission to the editors of during the Short-circuit, during a really clear and exhaustive intervention, it is highly probable that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft could go through but only after some special concessions and we can imagine that these may relate to a specific commitment to keep Call of Duty as a multi-platform series.

What Microsoft has continued to reiterate its intention to do on several occasions, also specifying that the opposite would be economically counterproductive to the company itself.

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