Kia Electric Days: electric cars, hydrogen and eco-sustainability

Kia Electric Days: electric cars, hydrogen and eco-sustainability

Kia Electric Days

A few days ago Kia invited us to the conference presenting the global and local plans for the future of mobility from their point of view; the objectives are in line with what has already been decided by the industry, such as carbon neutrality by 2045 and the interruption of the sale of petrol cars in Europe by 2035. But that's not all, because in addition to electricity in Korea Sud also want to focus on hydrogen and by 2028 it aims to present its first fuel cell vehicle to complement the range of battery-powered vehicles.

Now almost at the end of 2022, the Kia range is can say developed enough to offer its customers every level of electrification available on the market: whether it is hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric, Kia has a lot of offer in different price ranges, starting with models of great history and success like Kia Sportage arriving up to the premium range with the electric Kia EV6 model, winner of the Car of the Year 2022 award.

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Speaking of corporate commitment, as the CEO Bitti points out, Kia is undergoing major internal changes, from supply to logistics, from production to the use of cars up to the disposal of waste from production centers, everything will be reviewed to allow Kia to reduce CO2 by 97% in 2019 (the year taken "as an example" as it is pre-Covid) by the year 2045; all this will be supported by the classic compensation operations with the "Blue Carbon" project.

With "blue carbon" we mean the carbon absorbed and stored by algae and mudflats, a process that takes place effectively as much, if not more than that made by trees; Kia, also thanks to the collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup will help to clean up our oceans from the plastic we have thrown into them, so as to also create a circular system of resources - Kia, as done by its cousin Hyundai, will use plastic recovered from the sea for some parts of the sue auto.

To complete the electrified range of Kia we find the model Niro, available in fully electric and hybrid version, also with plug-in variant; the more captivating Kia XCeed instead receives an aesthetic update and arrives on the market in a Plug-in Hybrid variant with about 50km of autonomy - Kia says up to 60 in the city.

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