Kaspersky will pull the plug on the VPN in Russia very soon

Kaspersky will pull the plug on the VPN in Russia very soon

Kaspersky is one of the best known brands in the field of antivirus, so much so that it can be considered a historical brand. In the security suites offered to users, the company also includes its own VPN, known as Kaspersky Secure Connection, a product that can also be purchased separately from the antivirus.

In the coming weeks, however, Kaspersky Secure Connection will no longer be marketed in the territory of the Russian Federation. This is the decision made by the company and communicated through the Russian version of its official blog. However, the operation will be gradual and the paid version of Kaspersky's VPN will remain available for purchase on both the official website and the app stores until December 2022.

Russian customers who already have an active subscription, will be able to continue to use the virtual private network service until the next deadline, which however will not go beyond the end of 2023.

Soon, Kaspersky's VPN will no longer be sold in Russia At the moment, Kaspersky has not provided any official reasons for the decision to stop marketing Kaspersky Secure Connection in Russia, so at the moment they can only be done assumptions.| ); } For example, Roskomnadzor, the regulatory body responsible for monitoring telecommunications in Russia, announced a ban on VPNs in Russia in June 2021. In fact, today in the Federation it is forbidden to use NordVPN, Express VPN, ProtonVPN, VyprVPN and other services of the genre.

The reason behind the ban is the refusal by the suppliers to join the FGIS database, to avoid government censorship of VPN connections, but above all not to make traffic and user identities available for scrutiny by the authorities russe.

Starting next month, Roskomnadzor will introduce an AI-based internet traffic analysis system to analyze information posted online. This is likely to exacerbate the situation on Russian territory. Considering that many citizens will feel even more pressured to use a VPN, it is likely that state pressure is also increasing on VPN providers to stop offering tools that can hide users' identities.

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