Italian magazines arrive on Amazon digitally (and there is also Wired)

Italian magazines arrive on Amazon digitally (and there is also Wired)

News coming for periodicals lovers: dozens of Italian magazines have landed on Amazon and on the Kindle Unlimited monthly reading service, ready to browse digitally on smartphones, tablets and browsers. In these hours, many of the most widely read weekly, monthly and bimonthly books in our country have been added to the catalog of millions of books in the Amazon digital store, with two reading formulas available. On the one hand, the purchase of single issues with lower prices compared to paper editions; on the other hand, the "all you can read" formula which includes all the magazines within the Kindle Unlimited subscription reading plan.

What you need to start reading

To start To browse the available Italian magazines digitally, you need two elements: a device compatible with Kindle content and an Amazon account. To be able to read all the issues of all the magazines at will, you need an active subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

How to buy magazines on Amazon Buying individual issues is simple: just search for the publication that you want in the search bar or find it in the digital newsstand set up by the group. Buying a number loads it directly into the cloud dedicated to Kindle content, making it appear on all compatible devices owned by the account holder - browser included.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription To subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and read as much as I can without limits, just visit the registration page for the service and follow the instructions. The price is clear: there is a free 30-day trial which is followed by a first subscription of 9.99 euros that activates the subscription for the following month, and so on. The renewal is automatic but the cancellation is simple and instant.

Kindle Unlimited now includes local magazines, but in reality it was born as a catalog of books and includes over a million of them. Until the service is renewed, the entire library will remain available on compatible devices together with the magazines available.

Compatible devices If for books the best product to browse them digitally is an ebook reader such as Kindle Paperwhite, for magazines and periodicals you need to aim for something more sophisticated. Pages are in color, and word density requires constant zooming in and out - two things e-reader e-ink screens don't handle well. Fortunately, any smartphone, tablet or browser is perfectly suited.

On phones and tablets, just search for the Kindle app on the manufacturer's store. On any computer, just point your browser to Amazon's cloud reading platform. In both cases, access will be required with your account opened at the ecommerce giant; after this phase all previously purchased books will be available, along with the Kindle Unlimited catalog until the service is renewed.

The magazines included in Kindle Unlimited

Included in the offer are the magazines that Amazon already allows you to buy digitally individually. The catalog includes publications from publishers such as Mondadori Group, Sprea, Hearst and Condé Nast - which means that the printed edition of is also included in the offer. To start browsing all the numbers there is the page dedicated to on the portal, while in the hub dedicated to Condé Nast you can also find the digital editions of Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, La Cucina Italiana, Condé Nast Traveler and AD.

A complete list is available below and on the Amazon page dedicated to magazines.

Condé Nast AD Condé Nast Traveler The Italian Cuisine Vanity Fair Italy Vogue Italy GQ Italy WIRED Hearst Cosmopolitan Italy Elle Decor Italy Elle Weekly Italy Esquire Italy People Marie Claire Italy Marie Claire Maison Italy Men's Health Italy Runners World Italy Mondadori Group Casabella Chi Focus Focus Junior Focus Pico Focus Wild Focus History Giallozafferano Grazia TV Guide ICON INTERNI PROMETEO TV Smiles and Songs Sprea App Journal Argos BBC Top Gear Classic Rock Iron Cat Magazine Hacker Journal The Photographer The Photographer Special My Dog My Horse My Computer Idea The Great Glories of Rock Read Illustrat and Linux Pro Crochet by Giò Mac Magazine Nikon Photography Officina del Vespista Green thumb Profession Trucker Prog Roadbook Ubuntu Easy Vinyl Win Magazine

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