God of War, the ranking from worst to best episode

God of War, the ranking from worst to best episode

God of War

Now very little is missing from God of War Ragnarok, arriving on November 9 on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The expectations around the game developed by Santa Monica Studio are rightly very high and we expect a finale worthy of the name for the epic of Kratos and Atreus, an epilogue that in hindsight we have been waiting for four years, so much has passed since that fateful moment in which we left the duo: a moment in many ways anti-cathartic, far from being a real conclusion.

Waiting to know the final judgment on this sequel, with our review that will come very shortly, it is almost mandatory to make a summary of the saga, a balance that somehow traces its qualitative peaks and that, eventually, also underline the small failures encountered on the way (which in this specific case, let's say it immediately, practically do not exist).

Without any intention of attributing an absolute and totally objective value to it, we offer you our ranking of the main episodes of God of War, from worst to best, a list that is by no means definitive and that we invite you to modify, if necessary, by explaining your preferences in the comments.

7 - God of War: Ascension

A Kratos who is not doing very well, right at the beginning of Ascension The black sheep of the saga, l is the only chapter to which real, albeit contained, criticisms can be made. God of War: Ascension, released in 2013 on PlayStation 3, is chronologically the starting point, the origin of the drama - and the carnage - of the god of war, determined to escape from the imprisonment of the Furies, punishment to which he condemned him. Ares after the betrayal of the blood pact that bound him to the Spartan.

A plot not always up to expectations, despite the very interesting premises, a gameplay that is perhaps too classic and a multiplayer mode that no one felt the need, make God of War: Ascension the lowest point of the saga , an unmissable chapter only if you want to know everything, absolutely everything about the misfortunes of the indomitable Kratos.

6 - God of War: Chains of Olympus

Kratos has been forced to explore the Underworld in Chains of Olympus In 2008 the saga lands on the small and powerful PSP with God of War: Chains of Olympus, an episode that had no intention of upsetting the artistic and playful canons of the brand, but rather to adapt them to the smaller dimensions of the portentous Sony console that in those years tried to counter the unstoppable rise of the Nintendo DS.

Anyone lucky enough to enjoy the adventure packaged exceptionally by Ready at Dawn Studios will agree that God of War: Chains of Olympus is one of the most moving and touching chapters starring poor Kratos, forced here , in addition to eliminating hundreds of enemies and some gods, to meet and then abandon the spirit of his daughter Calliope, murdered by himself, to allow her to live eternity in the warm embrace of the Elysian Fields.

5 - God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The "good" Kratos never went for the subtle, not even in Ghost of Sparta The other chapter on PSP, dated 2010, had the great merit of showing the world whole how powerful the hardware of Sony's portable console was. Though narratively it didn't keep up with the far more dramatic and inspired Chains of Olympus, God of War: Ghost of Sparta had a simply stunning technical side of its side.

The family drama of Kratos, desperate for his mother and brother who in the background of the adventure he believes are still alive, is an excellent excuse to stage yet another carnage graced by a solid frame-rate, from incredible visual effects, from a polygonal mass that at the time did not seem to be reproduced on a portable console. For its part, the gameplay of God of War: Ghost of Sparta did not introduce who knows what new features, if not the possibility of holding a spear and shield, in full Spartan hoplite style, to be used as an interesting and tasty alternative to the classic Blades of Chaos. br>

4 - God of War (2005)

Among the reasons for the success of God of War, it is not wrong to also mention Kratos' characteristic skin color which makes him extremely recognizable The first time never forget. The debut of Kratos dates back to the now distant 2005, on PlayStation 2, with a game that drew a clear dividing line in the genre of three-dimensional action and beyond.

Although not inventing anything, but wisely selecting features and gameplay elements already seen elsewhere, God of War was able to beat the competition with a few, but well-defined distinctive elements. First of all, the setting did a lot, the splendid classical Greece with its myths and legends. Furthermore, Kratos was able to win the hearts of millions of gamers with his charisma, with his determination, but also with his intimate and ill-concealed fragility, the result of unconfessable traumas and remorse. Finally, an element that is anything but secondary, the Blades of Chaos proved to be perfect weapons for the fighting system, adrenaline but equally profound, that the God of War saga wanted to propose from the beginning.

3 - God of War II

Under Titan-sized boss fights there's a photo of God of War II It is often said that sequels can't quite keep up with the original, but it's definitely not the case of God of War II which with the 2007 episode, again for PlayStation 2, redefines the quality standards of the saga, offering fans an even more explosive and convincing chapter from every point of view.

Dall 'appreciated variety of scenarios, to the graphics sector that pushes Sony's 128-bit console to the limit, God of War II amazes above all for the amount of bosses that Kratos faces in his epic. On balance there is no real novelty and the plot uses a narrative expedient already quite inflated at the time, the classic journey into the past, but a more mature digital direction and a further psychological deepening of the Phantom of Sparta, have contributed to the unanimous appreciation of the second. chapter of the brand.

2 - God of War (2018)

Change scenario and mythology of reference, but the eternal suffering of Kratos has remained in its place even in the God of War of the 2018 The new God of War is the chapter that has simply changed everything, a revolution that some have suffered, but which has unquestionably given us one of the best experiences that the past generation of consoles has been able to offer us.

God of War completely recalibrates the gameplay starting from the renewed view behind Kratos, giving a significantly greater weight to the exploration and, above all, enormously thickening the role-playing component. In addition, he shuffles the cards also on the narrative front, dragging the protagonist into a completely different context, Norse mythology, with a dependent child, the young Atreus, double and at the same time shoulder who traces, testifies and directs the further maturation of the protagonist.

An almost flawless masterpiece, as well as a fundamental piece to understand and enjoy Ragnarok to the fullest.

1 - God of War III

The highest point reached by the saga in terms of gore, violence and profuse adrenaline, one of the most engaging, exhilarating and fun video games of all time. | yet another divinity to be eliminated in the most bloody and painful way possible.

Graced by an impeccable digital direction and by a technical sector that showed all the potential of the PlayStation 3 Cell, God of War III is still one of the cornerstones of the genre, unsurpassed (and unsurpassed) in rhythm and in the progression of the adventure.

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