Adria Arjona after Andor could have a future in Star Wars

Adria Arjona after Andor could have a future in Star Wars

Andor, the new Star Wars series available on Disney +, is receiving praise for its willingness to go beyond the classic narrative paradigms of the saga, following the example of Rogue One, the 2016 war movie directed by Gareth Edwards of which Andor is a prequel. After the lukewarm reception of products like The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor is showing itself as a mature series ready to show new sides of the franchise, supported by a convincing cast in which Adria Arjona, actress who plays Bix, has risen. Caleen. The performance of the actress was also appreciated by the leaders of LucasFilm, to the point that there are reports that Adria Arjona will have other appearances in Star Wars after Andor.

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After Andor, Adria Arjona could have a future in Star Wars

A report released by Galactic Transmission confirms that the actress has signed a contract that would allow her to appear in future productions of the franchise. A possibility not only confirmed by a reliable scooper like Daniel Richtman, but supported by the certainty that Arjona would have signed an agreement to develop her own series, based on the figure of Bix Caleen. There is currently no information on how this collaboration between the actress and LucasFilm could evolve.

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Before acting in Andor, Adria Arjona was appreciated for her roles in True Detective 2 and in Narcos, also appearing in the cinecomic Morbius, in the role of Martine Bancroft.

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