Memories Remain, the tried and true of a narrative adventure set in Italy

Memories Remain, the tried and true of a narrative adventure set in Italy

Memories Remain

Big Fish, a 2003 film directed by Tim Burton, tells the story of Will Bloom and his attempt to discover the truth that lies in the fantastic stories that his father Edward, now on the verge of death from cancer, told him and to others for life. Does he really want people to believe he met giants, worked in a circus run by a werewolf, and planted millions of asphodels to win over Sandra, the woman in his life?

But, above all, what does Tim Burton have to do with our tried-and-true Memories Remain?

Story of stories

Isola Minore smells like Itaia, and there is also a Madonna Memories Remain is a school project created by a team of guys from Event Horizon School and published on as a free demo. The game starts on the day of Elder Piero's funeral, of which we initially know nothing. Around his coffin there are some relatives who start to tell fantastic stories about him, making his nephew Marco nervous, who can no longer listen to them. The young man not only considers those stories false, but also harmful, to the point that, in anger, he decides to embark on a journey to Isola Minore to go in search of his grandfather's old friends and prove his thesis.

The hookup with Big Fish should be clear at this point. Even in the title of Botte Piccola (the development team), as in Tim Burton's film, it is immediately evident that the stories told by Piero hide something more than what it seems and soon Marco will have to realize it.

Where to download Memories Remain

As we said, Memories Remain is a school project that you can download for free from Maybe write your impressions to the authors, who will be happy with it.


Giant geese, we don't fear you Memories Remain is a narrative adventure, with a very simple game system. Basically, you drive Piero to Isola Minore, the only place you can visit, and let him talk to the characters present by pressing a button, similar to a Japanese role-playing game. Every now and then you have to choose what to make him say, through a simple line selection interface, and you can perform a secondary mission that requires us to find cats, but that's really all. The demo is very short, but frankly delightful, either for the graphic style of an illustrated book, which in fact supports and makes the whole experience pleasant thanks to the beauty of the drawings and the colorful and lively color palette, or for the story told, which asks the right questions and refers to a possible final version for the answers, leaving the player curious to discover the truth.

Wandering around the island you meet in particular a character who has a story linked to Piero to tell. In this case we move from a text-only narrative to an interactive one, i.e. the player is called to live the story directly, guiding a handsome Piero in the role of a medieval knight, who has to contend with goblins and a giant three-way goose. heads while escorting a damsel to the island tower. During the short adventure, a kind of combat system also appears, which requires you to select the right action to take based on the description of the situation (the enemy is distracted? Then you can hit. The enemy attacks? Better defend yourself with the shield or try to dodge). Don't expect experience points, gear management or anything like that though, because that's just not the case.

Why tell so many stories at a funeral? At most, the damsel will cure Piero in case he suffers a couple of hits and will recover a mythological weapon hidden in a giant chest in the town square. In Memories Remain everything is a story and as such it is brought to life. After the story of Piero Cavaliere, the demo also ends. Reached a certain place, in fact, the credits will start, in which you are sent back to the full version for the conclusion. Full version that at this point we can't wait to play, to find out why Piero loved to transfigure reality in this way.

The demo of Memories Remain is really very short, but effective in intriguing the player. After all, a similar title can only bet everything on its narrative side and from this point of view the demo version manages to involve the right, making you want to try the full game.


The story intrigues The style is right DOUBTS Will the story hold up for an entire video game? Have you noticed any errors?

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