How to book the fourth dose of vaccine in the different regions

How to book the fourth dose of vaccine in the different regions

Fourth dose: the summer wave of Covid-19 has overwhelmed Europe, and Europe tries to run for cover, as it can. In fact, on Monday the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc) and the European Medicines Agency (Ema) recommended extending the fourth dose, or rather the second booster, to all over 60s and frail people. It was followed immediately after the announcement by Minister Roberto Speranza on the launch of a new vaccination campaign, formalized by a new circular. While waiting for the new vaccines, the old ones are fished out, because, as the EMA and the ECDC underlined, the current vaccines continue to be very effective in reducing serious illness, hospitalization and death. Despite the variations. This is why, alongside the invitation to extend the audience of candidates for the fourth dose, the invitation to get vaccinated, completing the cycle and the recommended doses, is always valid. That is, we read in the circular: who has not provided the third dose, recommended for some time, should provide, and do the same who has not yet completed the primary vaccination cycle.

But how will the administration of the fourth dose? Who are the eligible candidates and how are the different regions organizing themselves?

Who is the fourth dose recommended and with which vaccines Short answer: over 60 and frail subjects. Long answer: over 60 and frail subjects over 12 years of age for which at least 120 days have elapsed since the first booster dose (the third dose) or the last post-booster infection (considering the date from which to count the test date positive). All people who, from the age of 12, have the pathologies indicated in the tables attached to the ministerial circular, such as for example people with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, severe anemia, are considered fragile and therefore candidates to receive the second booster dose of vaccine. , Down syndrome, or who have had a stroke.

Better, add by Ema and the ECDC, for now give priority to those who received the first booster more than six months ago, and reasonably need it most to invigorate the immune response. As well as the frail over 80 and over 60 already previously eligible but still waiting, underlines the ministerial circular. Obviously for now without waiting for the arrival of the new vaccines. The vaccines with which to proceed with the second booster are therefore the already known products based on mRna from Pfizer and Moderna for adults and Pfizer for children between 12 and 17 years.

The Faq made available by the ministry help to clarify who can currently undergo the fourth dose, also by virtue of the categories identified above. Alongside the over 60s and frail people with pathologies, the second booster dose is therefore also recommended for guests in residential homes for the elderly. The fourth dose is also recommended as a booster (considered the primary course of three doses instead of two) for people with marked impairment of the immune system, due to "the underlying disease or drug treatments and subjects undergoing solid organ transplantation". If in doubt, a discussion with your doctor will help clarify whether or not you are eligible to receive the fourth dose of the vaccine.

How the regions are organizing If these are the national indications, how are the regions moving to deliver the fourth doses? Leaving aside the unorganized responses, which started immediately after the announcement, such as the opening of the Cagliari Fair, the availability to proceed with the administration even without a reservation in the large vaccination centers for the over-60s in Lombardy, free access in Campania, and any availability of general practitioners to vaccinations, the systems to receive the second booster dose work differently on the peninsula and have mostly been organized these days (info at the links but an eye to the site of your local health authority is recommended in each case).

For example in Abruzzo, where pharmacies are also available, free access is provided to the vaccination hubs active in the various Als without the need for a reservation, as requested by the Lazio Region and Emilia- Romagna, here through the systems Cup, Cupweb, FarmaCUP, Cuptel, electronic health record, ER-Health app and with the active recall by health companies, c he will send a text message to the eligible persons. Direct and proactive convocation by the health system also in Piedmont, which in the first phase, however, will also provide for the possibility of pre-joining through a dedicated portal to receive the vaccination within ten days and to book it in the pharmacies available. Confirmed pharmacies, call center at 0434/223522, cup of health companies and site also dedicated to Friuli Venezia Giulia. Mixed, free and by reservation, but the ways to access the fourth doses in the Veneto are still being defined (here the portal). In Molise, the dedicated portal does not report specific information at the time of writing for the fourth dose, and for Calabria reservations have been started at the pharmacy.

And again: in Tuscany you can proceed with reservations in pharmacies or vaccination centers through the dedicated portal. Reservations are also active in Lombardy, and also in Sicily, through the Poste Italiane platform, that of the region or by calling the toll-free number 800.00.99.66. You can book using the Poste Italiane platform also in the Marche (together with the possibility of doing so via PostaMat, postman or by sending an SMS with a tax code to the number 339.9903947) and in Sardinia, where exceptions and acceptance of spontaneous presentations are foreseen during the preparation phase. services. Same situation in Valle d'Aosta, reservations (recommended) through the post office website and free access. Active bookings through dedicated website, app, pharmacies and by general practitioners in Umbria.

Mixed offer - with and without reservation and via active call - the one announced in Puglia for this new phase of vaccinations (currently free access), as well as in South Tyrol: alongside the possibility of booking on the dedicated website there is also that of consulting the availability and activities offered by the various vaccination centers. In Trento you can proceed on the dedicated website, as well as in Liguria with reservations where we leave from next Monday. In Basilicata reservations are made through the Post Office platform, even if for the province of Matera it is not clear whether there is free access alongside the booking option (contacting the structure, again, can help).

Sara Carmignani collaborated.

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