Hair dryer | The best of February 2022

Hair dryer | The best of February 2022

Choosing a hairdryer, based on your needs and budget, is a decision not to be taken lightly. Often the first offer available online or in stores is used, running the risk of running into economic solutions that are not always of quality and which, net of how much have been paid, are not able to meet the expectations required. So here we are running to your rescue to support you in choosing the best hair dryers and also to provide you with the essential guidelines necessary for the purchase, so that you can find the perfect one for you.

In the selection we have proposed to you. you will find some essential solutions, with proposals ranging from a few tens of euros to top range devices, which can cost up to 500 € but with a series of special functions capable of obtaining drying results equal to those of hairdressers professional. Since we don't want to waste you any more time, let's close this short introduction and leave you to our guide on the best hair dryers available on the market.

The best hair dryers

Panasonic EH-NA65-K825 Beautiful Imetec My Pro Ceramic Remington D7777 Air 3D Rowenta Infini Pro Ghd Helios Dyson HD03 Supersonic

Panasonic EH-NA65-K825

The first product that we want to recommend regarding hair dryers is the Panasonic E H-NA65-K825 which will allow you to have dry hair very quickly and with a lower risk of damage due to heat. Its uniqueness lies in the use of the particular Nanoe technology which ensures that the hair can regain its shine and keep its hydration high so as to also eliminate split ends. With 3 speeds and 4 temperature settings, the Panasonic Nanoe is able to achieve professional performance, also thanks to the presence of accessories such as the diffuser, the quick dry spout and the concentrator.

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Beautiful Imetec My Pro Ceramic

With its particular ceramic technology, the MyPro Ceramic hair dryer does not damage hair while it dries it and, thanks to its of the combined action of the ionizer and the infrared heat generated by the ceramic conveyor, exerts an anti-frizz and anti-dry action on the hair that affects the hair from the first use. The professional AC motor combined with a power of 2,300W offers a powerful and decisive level of drying, and is able to generate a high flow rate of the air jet, while the neck is composed of a particular sheath in ceramic technology also applied in the diffuser. and which generates an anti-frizz effect even for curly hair.

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Remington D7777 Air 3D

The Remington Air3D hair dryer is undoubtedly one of the most famous as a technological revolution of the genre and makes the air flow and the perfect temperature setting its fundamental characteristics. The air that is created guarantees a powerful and uninterrupted flow that shortens the time taken to dry the hair, while thanks to the 3 temperature settings it is possible to give shape to any hairstyle, including the shot of cold air necessary to fix the hair. fold. Given its particular design, Air3D is equipped with a particular fixing system that also allows you to rotate it 360 ° during use without any problem.

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Rowenta Infini Pro

Do not be fooled by its traditional design, because Rowenta Infini Pro, under the minimal body, boasts a perfect mix of professional components resulting in a very long life. With its 2.2ooW of power and six positions to choose from, it guarantees quick drying and thanks to the ionic control it prevents static electricity, leaving the hair soft and shiny. By purchasing a Rowenta Infini Pro you will also take home 3 of its accessories: the two 8 and 6 mm concentrators for a greater variety of styles, and the professional diffuser for curly hair.

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Ghd Helios

Designed in the UK center of Ghd laboratories, this formidable hairdryer guarantees greater speed and lightness during drying, all while achieving excellent performance in terms of generated power. With its air flow capable of reaching up to 120 km / h, Helios combines aerodynamic design with a shaped spout and also reduces drying times thanks to the better temperature distribution due to the use of the special Aeroprecis technology. . In addition, Ghd Helios is extremely light and has the keys on the outside of the handle, so that they can be used more simply with the thumb and facilitate one-handed use.

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Dyson HD03 Supersonic

The Dyson HD03 Superson is a first-rate hairdryer, now known all over the world for the excellent functions it offers: it has been designed to give perfect styling to all types of hair, thanks to the numerous accessories included, designed for a finish that is always bright and extremely defined. From volumizing drying for long, straight hair, to defined curls and perfect waves, the Dyson Hd03 Supersonic is the one for you if you are looking for excellent drying performance. Taking care of your hair and styling it at its best can't be easier!

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How to choose the best hairdryer

Choosing a hairdryer can seem a simple operation, but the features present in today's products are so many that we decided to examine with you the most important, the main ones that should not be underestimated when purchasing. Obviously, to have them all you have to raise your budget a lot but it is worth it if you are thinking of buying a valid product, lasting over time and able to take care of your hair by greatly reducing the maintenance of your hairstyle.
Power Motor Ionizer Heat maintenance How to use Accessories


The number of Watts that a hairdryer has is undoubtedly indicative of greater power, therefore of greater speed. Both are fundamental advantages of an appliance to be used frequently in one's daily life. Generally, hairdryers never exceed the threshold of about 2,500W, or at least without certain functions designed specifically to prevent the hair from being damaged or even burned. The wattage varies a lot from model to model, so on the market you can really find many types of products for domestic use ranging from a minimum of about 700 W to a maximum of about 2400 W, while other professionals can have even a greater value.

Obviously, with the increase in power, the performance but also the cost of the appliance and the consumption that it will produce during its use increase drastically. The ideal wattage, also recommended by professionals in the sector, specify that to obtain fast and lasting drying results on your hair it must be at least 1800-1850 W. In general, it is important to pay attention to the power of the product if you are interested in reducing drying times to a minimum, perhaps precisely because you have long and particularly thick hair or because you want to make a particular style without tiring too much. If you have short or thin hair, the wattage value certainly becomes much less important and even a 1000/1300 W hairdryer is a more than valid option.


type of motor of a hair dryer can be of three types indicated with the abbreviations EC, AC and DC:

EC motor: it is a digital motor in which the mechanisms are activated in a completely electronic way. The price for hairdryers with this type of motor is very high but the reason for the strong power and longevity that they ensure to the product, practically unparalleled. You can take advantage of this type of articles for up to 10,000 hours; AC motor: designed for professional hair dryers that need to sustain high performance, operating continuously and in a very powerful way. An AC type motor is able to produce high air pressure which makes the device very effective, with a useful life of about 2000 hours; DC motor: they operate on direct current and their performance, although very good, have an air pressure lower than AC motors and have an average life of about 1200 hours, while guaranteeing a much more manageable and lighter structure;


This function is practically present in all the latest hair dryers on the market, but how does it work? Through the use of negative ions the drops of water are made smaller, so as to favor drying times and make the hair softer and therefore create incredible hairstyles.

Maintaining heat

Heat is a fundamental component in the structure of a hairdryer, but specifically we want to talk about the use of ceramic and tourmaline which allow to improve performance and even a lot. In fact, with the application of specific parts of the central body of the ceramic and tourmaline hair dryers, the temperature of the air jet that comes out tends to be kept constant. Thanks to their presence, in fact, the hair will not dry out due to the heat of the hairdryer and will keep their shine. Obviously, the presence of multiple levels of speed and strength in a hairdryer is related to the presence of keys to set the various options. In fact, all devices generally have two or more buttons for this purpose, which allow you to adjust the various speed combinations and, if present, also to set the Turbo Boost option.

Cold air

Here too we are faced with an almost omnipresent function, which involves the release of air at room temperature at the push of a button. This procedure is essential to fix the style and for those who need short breaks between prolonged jets of hot air.


Definitely a very important factor, especially for the fair sex, in the choice of the hair dryer are the accessories, which allow you to make the most of the potential of the device. In front of curly or straight hair it is necessary to have a greater number of accessories, among which the classic compressor nozzle certainly stands out. In fact, this accessory, with its typical cone shape, increases the speed of the air jet directly on the comb to create the most professional and diverse hairstyles.

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